Monday 9 August 2010


Drugs, sex, booze, food, speeding, smoking, stupidity, lies, deceit, greed, etc, etc, all things which are under our control, all things we do with a degree of deliberation, all things we do for us because we want to. We don't get fat on fresh air regardless of the tablets we are on our our medical condition,  alcohol doesn't jump down our throats, tablets don't fly into our mouths, things don't just appear from stores and houses in our possession we have to steal them, and the rest we can make an educated guess at, that none of the things mentioned happen in exclusion to ourselves, we being privy to the deed. The global banking recession happened because of deceitfully greedy bankers, it just didn't happen. There are of course two states of mind, there is the state that we control and the state that we arrogantly allow someone else to control so that we admonish responsibility for having a good time and if it all goes wrong, it's someone else's fault.

Relationship and love are two essential ingredients in life and are two of the biggest areas that we fail to take control of. If our emotions are lost then we haven't a cat in hell's chance of finding any degree of happiness or peace at any time in our lives. The state of our body is down to us, if you like being fat, so be it, if you want to be a drug addict so be it, it's your life and perhaps you are better dead than wasting others lives selfishly looking after you when there are plenty of people around who need help because of circumstances and situations beyond their control, good people too.

How you react to life is down to you, how you perceive life is down to you, how you live your life is down to you regardless of your status or the parameters in which you live. You are a product of you if you are over 18, your family is a product of you too, their early mentality is a reflection of yours, so until siblings get a taste of life for themselves it's you who they take after. If they are not so clever then probably they will live with the stigma of your own failures all their life also.

It's imperative that we take charge of our lives, that we make a difference and don't laugh arrogantly at life when it's us that looks like the circus act and it's us that life points its finger at and laughs back, it's us who will suffer as life itself has no feelings whatsoever and is purely indifferent to who you are and what happens to you. So if you don't care about yourself don't expect a following of others behind they will have walked off to a better place to where humanity lives and life exists in its full state.

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