Tuesday 17 August 2010


Without motivation we do very little in life, we end up lifeless, listless, dull, boring and everything we do has that edge of negativity, "it's all too much trouble". Without motivation we don't see beyond our nose as we are always acquiescing to something else to spur us on, if this happens, or I'll do it tomorrow, or whatever feeble excuse we can come up with. It is a feeble excuse, for if we can't do it for ourselves because the goal isn't good enough one thing for sure is that no one else will do it for us. Having said that we are all different, some people are entrepreneurial, some are followers and need that lead in order to proficiently go forward. We can get entrepreneurs who are not that good and followers who are brilliant, the mix is always varied and different, but one thing is for sure to make whatever we do work, we have to do it.

We have chores to do in our daily life otherwise we would end up in a right mess and possibly a dirty mess too. Some chores we do with ease and others we dread, but never the less do them and often feel good at having done them.  There is however nothing but nothing like self motivation, because that lasts, it fuels up our whole body because we want to do it. We are impervious to others comments because we know what we are about even if discovering what we are doing, and if that's the case others definitely haven't a clue.It's OK going to a motivational evening where some guru makes your adrenaline pump around your body, but that's one evening, why didn't you have that feeling before because if you can't muster that self determination on your own then you are hitting the wrong buttons within. Or your mind is not where it should be and the results will not be as they should be anyway. You can't rely on a "top up" from someone just to continue, it must be inherent and it must be driven from within.

There's a lot done in companies to motivate people, but the reason why such companies deem it expedient is that they have gotten the basics wrong so to overcome their gross negligence and incompetence they have motivational workshops, but it all soon fades away and as new people join it fizzles out into nothing because there's nothing there to sustain it. Self motivation has a lot to do with the "what's in it for me" attitude which could be seen as selfish, but in reality in a work environment it's almost a top of the list credential. If we don't get anything from what we do and just do it because "it's a job" then all is lost, the bottom line is permanently a threat or at risk and it's senior management that are at fault for allowing it to have gotten that far.

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