Friday, 20 August 2010


We are all sorry about something sometime, possibly even as often as in our daily environment, but being sorry isn't just a feeling based upon an action or deed or conversation that we would rather not have done or said, it's far deeper than that. Being sorry is something that's almost homogeneous in that it's a mind action that has some degree of background information to it, otherwise it wouldn't have been produced. If we don't get for the major part resolution from a deed that caused discomfort or gross offence by deliberate means then we need to appease ourselves of this thought otherwise it's likely to reside in our minds and thwart our clear thinking or cause a barrier within towards whoever it was that we did the deed

Of course there is the "sorry" we come across whereby we accidentally break something or bump into someone, but usually as this is not a pre-meditated action and so there is a more defined thought which is of a genuine nature to apologise for what was something almost instantaneous and often beyond being averted. But the sorry that we come across that hurts is the one that has an emotion attached to it, that someone did something that affected us in a personal way. It's nothing to do with this stupid thought process of today that anything one doesn't like is almost transcribed into an automatic "I'm offended" scenario, which denotes how pathetic and shallow you really are as well as unstable in mind thought. It's a real mind process that defines something that's discordant

But being sorry is a cathartic process and it is to a degree both humbling and human too, it denotes more of a character of someone as well as their understanding of life and humanity and purpose. Being able to say sorry shows a higher degree of inner strength although for some saying sorry is almost akin in their mind to a weakness, yet for those that subscribe to that thought it speaks volumes of their own screwed up mentality and perceptions of life and how they enjoy it or not as the case may be. Being able to say "sorry" whether it's accepted or not allows one to move forward and breaks any self induced bonds of guilt and gives a freedom to move onwards without shackles of retribution of anger or anything else. If others do not accept "sorry" then that's up to them, you have said your peace and that's enough, being sucked into others contrived thoughts and feelings is not on the agenda and it can be quite disruptive and complex too if ventured into that area.
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