Tuesday, 10 August 2010


We are all familiar with the TV films and movies built around spying, espionage, corruption, deceit, subversion, bribery, etc, it all goes hand in hand.  It's also associated with neurosis, insecurity, lack of freedom, fear, religion, dictatorships, and again all the other stuff that makes the world go around. There is at times a fine line between being protective and being completely mental and neurotic about what you perceive, or what countries perceive. Anything to do with staunch religious (not God - religion) is always suspect, warped, evil, subversive, dictatorial, regressive, anti-human, backward and promotes living in fear or what should be ironically a place of peace and freedom, like Iran and Saudi Arabia.

In any society there will always be a differing of opinion and to some extent it balances views from extreme left and extreme right, there will always be issues of national security both real and imagined, there will always be those who work in such places as controlling security those that see life almost hysterically and those that are laid back preferring to see the bigger picture by and large as opposed to being invaded at any moment at any time. Except religiously controlled countries who are lead by the religiously stupid and have a lot to answer for in their supposedly named God. If they were all judged here and now all would burn in hell in an instant.

We have spies all around us, or in some cases "moles" or in today's parlance "whistle blowers" who spill the beans when it comes to reporting unethical practises or areas of work or government that gets too wrapped up in themselves to see that it has gone a step too far. Complacent governments are like that, they get away with what they can until it almost becomes the norm which it shouldn't be and then habits form and attitudes change for the worse.

How we formulate our life, allow those around us to live as well and as free as they can is down to us, who we vote in power is directly a feeling of what we want even if we see little choice when placing that cross in the chosen box. Spying is actually essential but it has to be done with a cool head and a warm heart otherwise we will get a backlash that hits us so hard we will be ensconced in our own turbid word of mayhem and deceit.

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