Monday 23 August 2010


We all at times in our life have to take stock of who we are, where we are and what we are, and to our dismay our perceptions of all those three may not meet up with our own thoughts of what we should be. Our perceptions of where we should  be often bear no resemblance to the life we lead nor to the life we should be leading either, it is after all a perception and that can be a million miles away from the truth let alone reality.  There's nothing wrong with having views of where we would like to be or end up or ideally could be, it gives us a pathway in our mind to aim for and even if we don't attain it, the route to those thoughts often moulds who we are anyway. Time is a great leveller and a great "forcer" of events, time has no friends nor enemies, it is a universal aspect that encompasses us all. What time does do is allows us to distill who we are and where we are in relation to what time we anticipate we have left, and we don't know that either.

Where we are at any one time gives rise to our thoughts and feelings and those again put into perspective what we feel about ourselves and our life and those around us and assess how relevant everything is. Sometimes we need to face the facts that our dreams unless we win the Lottery will never come to pass, and in reality most people's dreams are just that for if any appreciable part of  their dreams did come true they in all likelihood would not be able to cope nor stand the pressures that come with them with regards friends and family and everything else. Having said that, life for some starts at a later stage than it does for others, and for those whose life starts early with a modicum of success mid life often is relatively cruel, and it's only later on that it tends to go full circle to be more harmonious and enjoyable too.

When we become ill we are told when young that the more nasty the taste of medicine the more good it will do us, and that analogy is often quite true when it comes to life. Sailing on aimlessly not taking stock of life and what's in it eventually denigrates us to a default life whereby little ever happens and one falls into a state of self devised ruin as an easy option. The mind closes ranks, the self becomes a nothingness of humanity, the will to live becomes robotic and the mind disregards anything that it sees doesn't not fit into a devised harmony that needs no thinking and shuns out disappointment. For some this happens later in life for others it can happen at an early age, it matters not, when that realisation takes place if we don't address it proficiently it can be the demise of what is left of the life we have.

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