Wednesday 15 September 2010


It's strange when we hear friends, family, work colleagues etc reciting script they've heard from someone else or even worse a strap line from a commercial. They talk with a pseudo authority that because its been broadcast it has credence or substance regarding what it purports to represent. However, the television, radio, press are comprised of people who are fallible and get it wrong, even  Prime Ministers or Presidents of countries get it wrong, they've no divine knowledge even if by some strange chance they think they have. Our involvement with others varies considerably in that within the general populous there are variances who interrelate with the media almost all the time and those who scantily browse from time to time to pick up the highlights and nothing more. At times the news is no more that a designer drivel soap based on what's happened today and cherry picked for its shock factor or negativity boost to try and reach public emotion, even if it carries little score. The presentation of the news and such is sadly an art form more than what it's supposed to do relate the news in an unbiased fashion.

Snippets quoted from celebrities, news articles, government releases, etc all form today's backdrop of 'white noise' it's the ever present wallpaper that's constantly changing and then revering back to the old print again only to be changed once more. The fact that over 98% of people we ever meet have no bearing upon our lives whatsoever, they don't pay us, take charge of our bills nor anything else, that over 85% of the news has no direct bearing upon us either, it's all about other people and situations, and what actually does concern us such as tax rises and the weather are going to happen anyway whether we like it or not. There's very little that we can do and as for some celebrity having another affair - the third this month? Well, next. We either have dull lives or are sadly lacking in a life of our own if we have to be entertained by what others have designed and concocted to present to us as if it's the first and last word on life.

Original thought is so refreshing, and it doesn't mean we can't hear excellent comments and information from others that's really stimulating, unfortunately it tends not to be news driven nor media reported unless it's on the inner pages of a newspaper somewhere as a filler. If someone somewhere does something no matter how blase or stupid holds no credentials for us to emulate same, nor even to consider how to interpolate it into a situation outside of what it was. Because if we consider such things it throws up the question "what are we doing in life" and to what extent are we free spirited within our own domain, and how best do we live the life that's conducive to us rather than linked to someone we don't know and they don't know us either. It says a lot about our intellect and creativity if we punctuate our conversations with others comments or aspects of life unless its relevant to a pertinent topic such as sport etc. We are the product of whom we are and so if we are always a sponge to others attributes or failings they we aren't much of a product at all, and we have created that dowdy image of ourselves, and when that happens we tend to live up to that image too.

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