Friday, 4 November 2011


Love is the corner stone of our society and indeed life, for without love we have nothing to live for. Without love life is but a drudgery surviving from one day to the next, and for some that is their reality.
Religions are supposedly based upon LOVE, well serious ones anyway, however there are some that kill in the name of God but they are part of the darkness that's enveloping much of our world at present and will self annihilate themselves in the fullness of time.

Diagrammatically here's an aspect that defines love:-
Love is a white cylindrical object, it's pure white and supports itself where it stands. It has no strings, no conditions, it has no shadows nor anything untoward, love is the ultimate in what we can have in life.

Of course then comes mankind, and as soon as man hits the scene we have conditions and as soon as we have "religions" enter the affray we have complete failure. There isn't a stable Islamic country on the planet, go see for yourself to anyone??? Where pure love is in evidence hurt and hardship do not exist, killings are not even on the vocabulary, and anguish and depression and anxiety, and hatred, and jealousy and envy and greed don't exist either. Conversation with phrases like "If you love me" etc, well, don't even go there, if your partner says that other than in fun, pack your bags and go now.
Love gives us that fantastic feeling within that makes us want to continue in life regardless of what or who is around us, loves quenches those inner pangs of nothingness that so many suffer from, it fill that inner void that so many also have in the pit of their stomach, love transcends the mundanity of life by making what seemingly seems little very special.

Love doesn't hold hands with emotional blackmail that many families try to exert upon their siblings,  a trait not uncommon in Asia or Asian families but not exclusively. Love has a freedom all of its own that provides a base in life of great stability even in times of stress and anxiety or upheaval. Love is something that makes humans human, for those without it are almost like androids just doing what they have to do for the sake of it. Love breeds contentment and separates the good from the bad, the good find favour whereas the bad find what they deserve. Love doesn't exist in most religions as they have tacit edicts that serve more forbidden aspects of life that repress rather than create. All religiously run countries are failures and take from the world as oppose to contribute to it, and their human rights are bottom of the list, should they know what human rights are.

Love is what has made man evolve today where he is now on the planet regardless of the despots who come and go. It separates the third world from the first world, where loves is spoken about in religious contexts and global contexts it's just lip service by the chameleons who say what they have to say for effect rather than purpose and the reality behind it all.

Taking control of who we are gives us life and it gives us love, even if at times we feel helpless, we must hold on to that love quotient as it will not only pull us through it will give us the guidance needed to come out the other end smelling of roses when all the dross reap their unbegotten rewards.
Regardless of what others do or say, keep your own love walk close to yourself at all times, and if something doesn't feel wholesome it probably isn't, that little voice inside is rarely wrong, don't follow like lemmings. Love is something that you have at all times, it never runs out and the more you give out the greater it fills up within. Don't hold back even if things are not reciprocated the way you would have liked. You will always get your reward from love although it may come from a source that you had not anticipated from.

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