Monday 8 November 2010


Do you go around with that slightly vacant expression, not quite squinting but that slightly glazed look as if in deep thought, because if you do you could be one of the many that are forever pondering and evaluating life. Those people that see and assess yet do nothing themselves, they observe and take mental notes then apportion what’s good, not so good, valued or not, and how it equates to them, although it rarely ever does. How can one equate the life of others who actually make a difference to those that plod along and just observe from afar then hypothesise as to why they did what they did and why they can’t and relate to ‘their’ situation and so on and so forth, it’s all dull stuff. Life is full of unanswered questions and even the academics and intellectuals fall short of their own queries as life contains more than they even know and that’s another level of questions laced with extrapolations and conundrums and aesthetic qualitative and quantitative evaluations which has no relevance whatsoever to living a life that’s full and meaning. It’s good to be in possession of knowledge, yet a little learning in the wrong context can be almost lethal, like having a serum for good health, too little and it won’t work, too much and it could cause complications or worse - death. Human ability to go forward on potential, hope and discovery is legendary, well it is on planet earth anyway, what aliens do maybe something else, and it’s not every race, culture, religion that has made dramatic changes for the better, there are still some cultures and religions that are hell bent on killing for the sake of it and holding on to the past, such is the hollow and Devil related nature of their God, hiding behind peace and love yet smiling with jagged teeth and breath of poison fumes. The uncertainty of aspects of life at times gives rise to confusion and cause for why things are the way they are, and why people do what they do when the only outcome is mayhem, corruption and suffering, but avariciousness, greed, power, ego, and all the other negative emotions are the root cause why such goings-on still exists. Where love is a root ingredient nothing grossly untoward would ever happen as there would be no reason as to why it should.

We have to live every day without many answers being answered, sometimes a whole lifetime goes by and aspects of it remain a mystery and racking our brain is a futile exercise as it gets us even more confused, perplexed and at times destabalised than when we started out. Knowing that life has no credentials other than that which humanity bestows upon itself should be enough for us to comprehend at times the incomprehensible and allow a question mark to signify the end of the sentence and move on or we will forever be dragging ourselves and others down searching for eternal clues, none of which will enhance our future abilities or peace of mind. Besides forever dwelling on the past and posing imponderable questions doing so takes our mind off the here and now which is far more important, as the here and now is a prelude to tomorrow and tomorrow is where life is at and where we are going to live our lives. In life people do weird things for the most pathetic reasons and it really doesn’t pay us to dwell on those reasons when at times nothing is ever changed. But there are some who are lacking in intelligence and are one of those useless souls that forever goes around wanting “closure” and “resolution” on every single thing that happens in life and never rests until it happens, then when it happens realise they have wasted so much time for that moment to happen that life has moved on and they have stagnated. Habitual question asking can be a problem, whilst asking questions and being inquisitive can be grossly beneficial, it can also hinder one’s ability to reason, comprehend and formulate a stance that gives the mind a presence of greater understanding from the self and not perpetually seeking an answer that has little or no bearing on enhancing life, priorities are essential for ‘greasing’ the way forward in a proficient manner.

Ignorance can be bliss, knowing too much or more likely a lot but not enough (and equal amounts of intelligence) can make us veer into a state of panic and consternation because we know the what, why and how of many things but as to any degree of how it could pan out we are at a loss, unless we turn to mental conjecture and then that throws us unto a bigger state of flux as we are grappling with unknowns and hypothetical states which could be totally erroneous. There’s nothing worse in any aspect of life basing situations or aspects of thought or literally on what we think as opposed to what we know, the differences can be staggeringly miles apart. We live our lives which no one else can ever do so, if we forever search for the “happiness” trail, then we lose out totally as we hope that in doing so we will find a degree of satisfaction, closure, meaning, purpose, love, harmony, understanding, and the rest, only to find that others are in a similar boat. Although within that stance many may have priorities outside of themselves and that gives a greater purpose all on its own. For many their belief gives real and true stability especially when all else seems to be at odds with ones thoughts, and for those that don’t believe then it’s usually something based upon their own theories in life which in the long term always flounders because they don’t know enough of their subject to gain any real base knowledge and its completely stilted, biased and full of pathetic subliminal hope covering up gross insecurity and it often creates more mental unrest.

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