Saturday, 27 November 2010


We all go through phases of one sort or another, or possibly a fad too, but whatever it is, we go through them, some good some not so good and some, well, we’d rather forget. When life seems to be going well even the wet cold damp days seem to shine for us as life is on our terms, we just think of pleasant thoughts and are more than charitable to those who ‘get on our nerves’ thinking that we know better even if we don’t. But the flip side of all of that, the flip side of positive emotions isn’t that wholesome nor that rosy either, it’s tainted with aspects of life that grate on us and thwart our desire to go forward. The negativity of life has no bounds and it holds neither prisoners nor keeps enemies, it does just what it wants to do and it does it in its own sweet time and has no compunction as to the depths it plunges and for how long. The human condition has long since been categorised and quantified and qualified by supposedly learned people none of which have an answer as to why some do well and do very little and others slog themselves to death and get almost if nothing at all out of life. But whatever we do whether we are scientists used to failing every day and eventually hit on something of enormous benefit for mankind, or at a more domestic level households doing their best to keep afloat regardless of circumstances, there comes a point and a time which is the tipping point, where things change. We like to think that things change for the better, but there’s no guarantee that that will be the case or that it’s an automatic assumption after a bout of negativity in all quarters.

The “tipping pint” however only comes with persistence and perseverance, and the more we show our true grit and metal the better the turnaround and the more we put ourselves out and about the chances of the tipping point happening sooner rather than later. However getting to that “tipping point” which comes at no pre-determined time also houses a lot of frustration, sleepless nights, anxiety, self doubt, life challenged and it heightens the smallest of things which would under normal circumstances be of no or trivial value. Whether we re-invent ourselves, re-discover ourselves or just hope that the life changes we are looking for will materialise at a point closer to where we are now is dealt with by shifting our attitude and not grasping on straws or making up scenarios to make things fit. Regardless of what we are going through if we don’t by and large enjoy where we are right here when the tipping point comes we will immediately find something else to take away the pleasure of a better ambiance and heightened situation. We will think that OK things have got better but I still need this n’ that n’ something else so by our own hand we will extend the doldrums in a habitual way until we eventually become moribund and lacking in total cause and kudos.

We can with many things in life affect the chances we have or the odds we have of improving our lot, if we do nothing then we open up the opportunity for random acts to take place and our chances of anything good happening are reduced to practically nothing. Alternatively we can enhance our chances and bring that ‘tipping point’ somewhat nearer to our wishes by enacting and communing with life in all manner of ways, but by being active we at least are a part of life and not part of an audience waiting for the show to start. Of course what we get when the tipping point takes place may not be exactly what we are looking for but never the less being positive in mind we can often surf that wave of opportunity as opposed to watching it hit the shore empty and then realising we’ve missed the boat too.

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