Monday, 22 November 2010


Life is a journey, not the “New Age” variety of “well it happens for a reason” or any of that mindless rubbish although some of our actions do cause events to happen for definite reasons, but the “bigger picture” is that life is fluid even for the most dull and solitary person. Life is constantly evolving, evolution takes into account both birth and death all at the same time, it fosters decay and growth all at the same time, and it favours no one whatsoever, it cares not about whether we live or die or suffer, life is what it is, it’s a platform upon which we have to make our own way. The stupidity and regressive and almost evil ways of some religions cause untold hardship and devastation to millions of people whereas it should help, promote and enhance their life to allow happiness, joy and love to flourish, over and above the cheap rhetoric of empty and hollow statements. Reality is a great leveller of truth in that it sees the lies and self devised facades that man creates to try and ‘hold’ everything together, it never ever works. Looking at life where the west despite its faults progresses whereas the rest of the world still struggles to forever catch up and still harbours a massive dichotomy of those that have education and millions of peasants that live around the corner who haven’t a clue about life and just survive. But life isn’t fair, it never has been nor will it ever be so, there is nothing written in life anywhere that says it is fair, fairness and morality are man made concepts and then only implemented by the few, again predominantly the Western nations, but that’s even getting out of hand whereby the “I have my rights” brigade, the moronic politically correct imbeciles have almost legalised criminality in the process.

So within all this “Where Does Love Live”? Why is it that some people are fraught with endless distress and mental discomfort almost all their lives and others seemingly have a better ‘lot’ and understanding. Why is it that Eastern Europeans, South Asians and South Americans and West Africans have the biggest incidents of selling their children or allowing them into prostitution more than anywhere else? (And one of the greatest love bonds is between mother and child). That some religions still look down on women and treat then as almost worthless creatures, which still happens to millions of women, despite those that have broken free of that structure. It’s very easy to talk about love when one is fed and watered and has nice clothes and MP3 and Blu-ray players, and iPhones loaded with the latest music, and meets ones friends in Starbucks, or go out for a nice meal with friends and enjoys the freedom of the society they live in. Cultures are often the biggest culprits and bane on today’s growing society, wrapped in historical failures and ideologies that modernity has no truck with nor is it compatible. For people to relate to culture as an “identity” of the past is like having to go down to the river for water when you have pure running water in your own home, it’s Stoic and narrow mindedness. Identity is where you are now, not of the past, you weren’t part of the past, ever, even if your history emanates from it, you are here now, you past starts from your yesterday not that of old folk tales and a world which was different in every respect. Cultures are mind concepts, everyone who holds on to the past certainly wants today’s modern drugs to cure them, yesterdays isn’t any good. So where does love live in all this, it does, but it’s thwarted by the stupidity of narrowness and a loss as to who you are as a person. People even fight over cultures and worse still religious cultures too that have no other meaning than what has been self created, and are nothing to do with God. People clinging on to culture as if it provides substance for them, it provides nothing but ideological content, and whilst their is nothing wrong with understanding the past and even celebrating the colourful rituals of the past of enjoyment and pseudo purpose at the end of the day it’s today that feeds you, clothes you, provides you with modern medicine, houses you, and all the rest, not a mind concept that’s a legend and not a reality.

Within all this where does love lie, what does it mean, and can we do without it. The first thing is that a humanoid based society is definitely love based even if there are those who choose to override it, and many do, never the less its ingrained deep within, it’s an intrinsic part of us, it’s what has kept by and large society the world over together despite the ego’s of despots, evil negative religions, ideologies, and gross ignorance of uneducated people, which accounts for many. Without love people fragment, become mentally unstable, stop thinking logically and start the roads to terrorism, without love we have no purpose, no future, nothing to look forward to nor desire to create towards. All the greatest creations stem from love, the desire to find out, something many religions want to hold back on, yet those that preach such are only too willing to accept dubious money to enhance their lives. Love is the biggest industry there is, it’s the world over people finding people, even if it’s a pleasure zone for some it’s still that desire to find another human being for empathy regardless of its merit that one can’t get elsewhere. Without love life is nothing, and those that survive on selfishness, greed, hate, arrogance, always suffer in the long term, they usually end up mentally exhausted at their constant battle to get their own way and in the process lose what it is really like to love and live at the same time. Love never leaves us ever, but having authority over our thoughts we can override it and allow negative emotions to take precedence, cultures and societies are aspects that fuel such thoughts and thus those societies are always backward, although in time they do evolve but it’s a slow process.

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