Thursday, 11 November 2010


Much of our life is played out by what we know and how we live with that knowledge, how we enjoy our lives is something down to us and our attitude and mentality, it has to be as no one else can think or feel for us no matter how close they are or well meaning. Within our environment there are people, authorities, governments, religions, organisations, societies, charities, and the like all of whom have a doctrine of their own and that doctrine dictates what they do and how they do it. Most religions have staid, outmoded and defunct doctrines that should carry a sign saying ”This Religion Carries A Health Warning” in that its participants expect or receive from God is absolutely nothing at all, mainly because the religious leaders are impotent, shallow and fearful themselves. They are no better off than atheists or agnostics who have none of the baggage, guilt and oppression, other than the fact that agnostics and atheists will die without further cause. What we build up in our minds is so often empty and hollow in that we frequently react or act in accordance to what we think others will think, which is silly. Whose life are you living your own or that of others?

There are two main types of people in life leaders and followers, it’s the followers who tend to suffer the greatest by making aspects of life more topical than they are and commenting on what’s being bounced around with regards the press and media as if its all final, cut and dried. However, where life really takes a hold is within one’s mind, and it’s there where we either accept or reject aspects of life pertinent to us. It’s there where we come to terms with ourselves and others and it’s there where we physically live our lives, not outside of our minds, for the environment in which we live is but a prop or setting for us to play out what we do. We have within our minds the makings of us or the downfall of whom we are, it’s all there slotted into our micro-circuits and fused together by bio-chemical and electro-chemical links that fire off at each other to form our ongoing life patterns. What others have or don’t have is none of our business, what others may or may not do has little if any bearing upon the credentials of what we do, we are in effect a product of ourselves and as such are unique even if others are similar, they are never the same.

A lot of what we do, either culturally, historically, family driven or orientated, handed down rituals or ways of doing things, folklore, etc, is but a fallacy of the mind, and we are not to be snared into such things to appease other people or situations or circumstances at the detriment of ourselves such as “honour killings” and “forced marriages” etc, which still goes on today. The illusion of what life is all about can differ enormously as there is no defined blue print that incorporates history and tomorrows technology, hence it’s all new ground and it’s where religions have to make up what they think yesterday’s teachings equate to tomorrows developments, and the short answer is that the theologians and especially the religious leaders aren’t that bright, and their followers are even less bright and there lies a problem of its own making. Living our own lives, whatever that may be involves a great deal of love from both sides of the fence. Parents allowing children to live the way “they” want and not how their parents want, and the understanding that children of whatever age understand that their parents are in reality often selfishly inclined probably though their own upbringing too to want what they want for their children. There is a big difference between governance for the right reasons and an openness to allow evolution and creation to take place.  The illusion continues.
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