Thursday, 1 November 2012


In everyone's life there is a silent programme running in the background. It's usually hidden within our "Life Files" and very personal to us, it contains all of our secret ideals, feelings, attitudes, desires, fears, phobias, failures, thoughts on others and often these files contain elements of somewhat 'not so savoury' areas of our thinking and 'secret arrogant thoughts'.  It doesn't matter who we are or where we are from we have these hidden files and they are with us 24/7. For some the files are crammed full of data others they contain very little. The bottom line is that how we make our way in life and how our stability pans out emanates from our perception and our responding attitude. Everything has a shadow a light side and a dark side, we have a sentient thought process and see life from our own particular stand point. It's this stand point that can make or break us and give us joy or sadness, it can give us by default happiness or sadness and most of it from not even moving from any particular point.  The "bigger picture" is where we really reside even at a personal level, if we decide to live within a cocoon of narrowness then life will eventually close in on us and we will lose the ability to think beyond our vision and when that happens a dullness will overtake and cause untold distress on many levels.

Within our whole civilisation lies a darkness the antithesis of all that's good and great, it's the result of a designer creativity for a purpose that has an effect of being disharmonious to our own lifestyle or way forward. Not everything is conducive to everyone, the 'one size fits all' scenario doesn't exist. Where some feel comfortable others stand almost shivering with apprehension such is the way we feel and interact with our comfort zone. Never the less we all have a purpose and we all have an opportunity to be what we want to be. The difference is that some regard their desire to  be appreciated by the many and that's the hard part. Some achieve greatness without seemingly too much trouble although from there on life is usually a quest of relationships and scenarios for which they need to conquer and achieve for themselves as they loose all moral stability. Their lives are usually too full of endless bouts of ups and down, but it can be a life that's privileged so one must take the rough with the smooth.

For the majority of people the shadow areas of life can be controlled because reality is a very stabilising force upon life and what we do. It puts most people back into a stage that they have to think quickly and thus they summarise all around them and where they are at and come to a conclusion that puts them into a position that they feel best comfortable with. It's when negative emotions creep into our lives for whatever reason that we veer from the "straight and narrow" (which varies from person to person) and we start then to collate extraneous thoughts about "why", "it's not fair", "I want", and all the rest and the mind then starts 'calculating' and that can be for the some their biggest downfall because their ideas go ahead of the reality of it all. We often see on talent programmes on television contestants talking about aspirations and before we even see them perform we have feelings that this is possibly the one and only time they will ever be on television.

Everything we do has a downside as well as a positive side, it's the application and deed of what's best that makes the positivity of it all come to life and overshadows the negative aspects no matter how minimal they may have been. At times we have to make far reaching decisions that encompass many aspects some of which no matter what we do will disadvantage others and there are no options that will preclude that. Whatever we do we must conduct it from a good heart that way we will minimise the negativity that will ensue thereafter even if some don't receive a benefit. Provided we make the best decision(s) we cannot take the negativity from others, they have to steer their course and you are not responsible for their thoughts. We all have to drive our own vehicle in life no matter what and can't apportion what others have done as that is out of our control. The key to success is to forge ahead, dwelling on the problem and get angry overtakes the solution and then nothing happens which is what happens to many. Some even believe that when their life is a mess it's because of others whereas in reality it's them not taking control. Life at times is not easy, but there again the success of striving to do your best is well worth waiting for as the reward is rich.

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