Wednesday 9 February 2011


Many people in life are experiencing problems with just living throughout each day, they seemingly come up against bad service, problems with organisations, transport, and whatever else one comes into contact with. And yes, there are problems in all sectors and as long as shoddy management exists the communicational problems won't go away or even be reduced. Having said that life doesn't single anyone out for any particular reason, life has better things to do than bother with individuals because life is holistic and encompasses many areas that are even above and beyond what we think or even care to think about. As individuals we have the personal freedom to live our lives the best way we can, with the exception of those who live in religiously controlled backward countries, but for the rest our lot is what we make of it. Our mind set is ours it's no one elses and regardless of how we were brought up or our background or what happened to us in the past or anything else we are living where we are today and what exists tomorrow is based upon today's efforts. Wandering around in life fuelled with anger which many people are is a pre-curser to a downfall of your own making and a situation where life's peaks are always toppled with very low lows. Taking ownership of life is actually a liberating experience as it doesn't rely on others or situations to provide inner feelings of value, you provide the inner feelings yourself and thus are in direct control of yourself despite any setbacks and upheavals that may pop up. The opposite of taking ownership is the pathetic and ever increasing "blame culture" syndrome, where everyone admonishes responsibility because they are lazy, brain dead or greedy or selfish and when things don't go according to plan start an immediate winging campaign. The irony and indeed truth when it comes to the 'blame culture' aficionados is that they are all predominantly failures in life, giving little if anything of themselves and just taking what they can at any opportunity. What they do give is always in direct relation to what they receive in whatever form, financial, adulation and the "all about me" syndrome.

Taking ownership allows one to see the "bigger picture" which is life as it is and in the raw, it assimilates the rough with the smooth, the pleasant with the not so pleasant, and it dictates an inner compassion that allows one to see the frailty of others and the shortcoming of those that both know no better or possible have less education and understanding of life themselves. By not taking on board anger, greed, jealousy, it allows the mind to be more creative and responsive as it's not bogged down in minutea of what's not important. Those that dwell on the little things that go wrong usually have a weak emotional base and swing from profuse excitement to anger within seconds and then allow ego and rage to subsume their auto-pilot mode eventually making them feel exhausted and run down and then upset with life and those within it, they are their own worse enemy by far. Friendship with such people can always be on a knife edge, it's good whilst they are stable but once they lose it, then an hysterical version of "all about me" ensues, which can be most unpleasant. Taking ownership is a key position in leading a life of better value and quality, it's always full of hope and real love, for real love cuts straight through the detritus and fog, like a hot knife through butter, and has no preconceptions nor illusions of which version of the truth one rests upon, there is but one version and that's the reality of the truth itself. Many people like religions add their own bit of pomp and thought to 'what love is about' love is relatively simple but they make it complex and sound grand to be extra plausible, whereas it's far from it as it leads to self delusional thoughts and frequent upset.

To achieve something or do something it's us that has to take the first step, then the second and so on until we get to a situation where we walk the walk and talk the talk, we can't hide behind subterfuge or PR or smart political or media prose as those are shallow and debased, we have to provide a solid function as to whom we are and that will then generate credibility. Being true to ourselves allows others to do what they need to do rightly or not and be relatively untouched in what we are wanting to do or achieve.  If we are forever over reactive to rude, gruff, ignorant, stupid or just plain ignorant people we almost debase ourselves and become as they are, it doesn't mean we have to put up with second best or indeed shoddy service as we can complain, but launching into a failed Hollywood drama scenario, even in the mind places you as some unstable creature of misplaced self worth. After all what we create in our minds needs a place to go, it needs resolution, and if anger is present it results in stress then ill health and so it all goes on until we become very sensitive and very touchy and very needy. And whilst we may think these traits are commendable, just and almost "arty" they are dark and satanic and will eat away at your inner being until real happiness will become illusive and a dream or aspiration that will never be fulfilled, or others will never ever come up to expectations. Taking ownership allows one to sit back and listen or see what others are doing or saying without being drawn in, and also it formulates base questions which are fundamental to how you proceed and not how someone else would like you to proceed, this at times causes a little friction but only because others don't get their way, not because you are necessarily wrong.

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