Tuesday 22 February 2011


The amount of creative intelligence that's allowed to be wasted, discarded, overlooked because the "gatekeepers" or those in such positions of human procurement and management are lacking in creativity themselves is forever growing. The stories levied around in the press of people being turned down by one company to be praised by their rivals is almost daily fodder, yet the reigns on the 'gatekeepers' is almost unchecked. Statistically people in certain positions may meet the criteria for conditions laid out and as such it's often down to character and possibly a few ancillary areas that makes one get the job offered. But in today's hurly burly society, creativity is becoming more and more an important facet of how business moves and shakes, the 'average' person no matter how clever they may appear does not hold 'creativity' as a salient and intrinsic part of their buzz points on their c.v. Indeed creativity in some aspects of work and jobs offered is a positive "no-no". We all like to think we can spot and see people's characters, that we know good from bad or whatever, but it's just not true, if it was our society would be more stable and all those hyped up scenes on the news that neighbours and friends who committed some atrocity and had been known for years has now brought abject shock and surprise and even devastation to those who can't believe what has happened. Similarly, we see first hand in companies people who we deal with and wonder how on earth they got their job, not that we expect perfection but glaring aspects of what they do just doesn't hold true. In some areas such as publishing, media, entertainment and many government offices getting someone to call you back is akin to a miracle worthy of prime time television coverage and possible a peerage of the realm, such is their fickle, selfish, thoughtless and transient nature, like attracts like and it shows. It's no surprise that finance companies are often the opposite trying to extract every last penny you have at all costs regardless of possible future ramifications and collapse, it's all the here and now that counts tomorrow is another problem for others to handle.

The "idiot" factor in companies is forever growing, and it's alarming too, because if companies and indeed any operation is to create then it needs creative people, it needs creative people to teach those who will benefit from creative thought and not just be recipients or robotic diktat that allows nothing further to happen with their acquired knowledge. Some of the worst places funnily enough for "gatekeepers" are social websites and social business websites, all full of "wannabes" trying to gleen information from others, tricks of the trade, ideas, solutions,(and for free) etc, and then there are those offering endless seminars or webinars and consultations on how to be successful yet they haven't achieved it themselves, unless of course you run the site and make a good living from the organised mayhem within. You never see any of the big players on social sites with regards business they are already making business and haven't the time to talk about ego letting on such a small scale. Are you an "idiot"? How would you describe yourself whether employed or self employed, being successful doesn't denote that you are not responsible at the same time for holding others down, for eliminating people below you or potential brainboxes for fear of your own position. That recruitment in large companies is often dictated by "psychometric" analysis which by it's very nature precludes creative people. Many CEO's (if not all) would fail these tests, in fact many great and successful people are not that literate but can spot a way forward where many plodders just see obstacles.  Visionaries do exist and are light years away from the "average" person. Prime Ministers or Presidents come out with prose of rubbish supposedly written or contributed to by so called "advisers" and the like, yet more often than not they get the delivery totally wrong and almost miss the emotional aspect of delivering something quite major, ending up like advertising a great get away holiday as a wet weekend in winter.

There exists a substantial workforce who have between them an almost nuclear mind capability and boldness, full of vim and vigour, excitement, solutions, ways forward, creative options of enormous merit, complete overhaul capabilities and significance in what appears to be for many troublesome and burdened market segments and negative forces, yet the "gatekeepers" and those "politically correct morons" can't see for looking so ingrained in their own cocooned world of nothingness and abject small minded banality. Religious organisations are full of useless 'gatekeepers', they thrive on naivety, they thrive on old ways, they thrive on lack, they thrive of fear, they thrive on corruption, they thrive on pseudo but deceitful piety, they hold back, they lack everything that their God is supposed to bring, such as love, freedom, harmony, choice, compassion, and instead fill it with hatred, killing, subversion and inequality and self generated pomp. Governments are not far off, where many would not be employed in a commercial establishment with such dowdy mentalities and bureaucratic "I know my rights" attitudes. Even large companies fail by seeking creativity, killing it off when presented with it, then seeking consultants or boutique companies who have employed the self same people who they have turned down  to do the self same job at four times the cost.

For those who feel frustrated, isolated (if you are isolated you've made yourself feel that way), out on a limb, different from the general consensus of opinion creatively speaking, finding it hard to find a niche, then create one. It's easier said than done, but no one is going to do it for you, and whilst your creativity may not lend itself to an entrepreneurial aspect, just do it anyway, no matter how hard it is, the journey will benefit your mentality, even if you have to join 20 social business sites and see all the same people peddling their same wares and stories, you can see above all of that, so just take it as 'par for the course'. Out there someone wants you even needs you, don't let the idiots or financial vampires dampen who and what you are because you won't play ball with their rules, you have your own stick to them. It's when it all seems just so enormous that breakthroughs arrive in abundance often unseen until one has already embarked upon it. Smile at the idiots, they are not all bad people, it's just that they are limited in what they can see and are self divisive thus you are not in view, they can't help it. A good heart at all times helps win the day, the moment you become jaundiced you have lost the plot, respect yourself for that win - win event to arrive.   

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