Monday, 31 January 2011


Hope for most people is more than an essential aspect of life, it's something that's intrinsic towards who they are and what they want to get out of life, whatever that is. We may have a multiplicity of thoughts and feelings as to what we need or would make life better, but for some essential elements of life are in short supply so by default they don't have the luxury of waxing lyrical of what could enhance their lives, what they need for themselves is far more basic than that and that's where hope really comes into its own. Hope is that eternal opportunity above the physical to allow our thoughts and feelings transcend the confines of restrictions and see what we could do in order to reach a certain aspect of life that's at present out of our own control or pathway. We all have fleeting hopes that we wish events to be successful or days out to be fine, but if they aren't we cope anyway one way or another, and by and large enjoy the shared moments with others as everyone's feelings are for the good and nothing else. Disappointment  is at times a cloud with a silver lining, had something gone the way we had intended or wished we might have missed out big time on something else that is far better. Life has to be looked at via the bigger picture, not to dwell on the minutiae or past events but allow those ahead to take shape and materialise in which ever way they do for our benefit. The road to getting where we want to go can at times be almost overbearing, but if we give up it will never happen, so if we have that option of self defeat then that's why it's not happened.

How we feel about ourselves plays a significant part in how we react in the world and with society, it plays a significant part too in how we see life and relate to others around us at all levels. It also plays a very significant part in our happiness regime and our future for without a positive attitude no matter how bleak it looks ahead, we will never break the self perceived barriers and the real barriers, nor differentiate between the two. We can break the "gatekeepers" the self appointed detritus that have an opinion that they are of paramount importance in the organisation in which they operate, whereas in reality as they have no overall input into the bigger picture and stifle great opportunities for individuals and companies alike, they are basically failures themselves trying to feel important. However the most important aspect of going forward is that of the 'self', it's not a selfish act it's one of 'you are the only one who can do it for you' based upon what we need to do and whatever is expedient, at whatever level. Hope allows us to formulate possibilities within parameters then extend those parameters at will or contract them at times without losing our goal, it allows us to shift our thought patterns whilst moving forward so that we can visualise a possibility and if that doesn't work substitute it with another and another and another until we eventually reach wherever it is we feel is where we want to go.  Hope allows too our destination to change dramatically based on new evidence, information or opportunities and arrive somewhere that originally we didn't know existed. One of the reasons many fall short in life is that our idea is so small (even if we think it's something grand) in relation to the vast opportunities which really do exist yet we know know thing of them, so we often reject greater potential aiming at the narrowness of our own insularity.

Hope elevates our thoughts it stops us stagnating and going stale, it elevates our inner system giving us an impetus where otherwise we could have felt dowdy and sullen and dull. Hope has that all encompassing feeling that there is vastness in life and if we care to take a step towards it there lies something that's worthy of our efforts, something wholesome and solid, something workable and fun. However, whilst striving towards that better goal in life we need to be grounded and strong as to where we are and how best at any moment we can "up our game" improve what we do, how and for what purpose otherwise our "eternal hope" becomes a daydream which whilst interesting usually goes nowhere fast. Everyone has hope within them but both scepticism and arrogance will topple its strength and we will then become embroiled in a mental situation which is shallow and pointless as the effectiveness of what we are trying to do will always be out of reach and then frustration, disappointment, resentment and failure will become our pre-cursers in everything we try to do. Hope is one of the positive emotions like happiness and joy, they all go hand in hand, they seek out all that's good and possible potential, whereas those that are the opposite see first pitfalls then other degrees of downfall and misery are part and parcel of their delivery, forever not doing anything because they can always draw on an excuse not to, and always reticent about moving forward. Hope is our best friend in our minds, we need to nurture it for if we ever lose hope what have we got left?

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