Friday, 21 January 2011


Life's funny really when you think about it, we are on planet Earth for a stretch of time, we don't know for how long nor do we know the quality of our existence during that stretch, but we get through it like it or not. Some seem to be cocooned in a positive aura of plenty whilst others haven't got a bean to their name, but that's how life is. The advent of "politicall correctness" drummed up by the mentally insane, lost, bewildered, lonely and dictat from local government offices only makes matters worse by stifling free thought and gross realities which such morons try to cover up or not speak about thus holding back progress. There is no such thing as "one size fits all" nor is there any such thing as people being equal either, we are all different. Fairness is something that man has created because 'man' is a love based creature that needs to care for ityself and fellow humans, fortunately most of us already do that although there are those who only see life for what they can get out of it. The dross ranges from bankers who worship greed at all cost (and many corporate entities) and those at the end of the food chain in the developed modern world, where morals, manners, compassion, and all the rest are but words and have no value. In the middle of all this there lies the vast majority of the population, all with different minds, feelings, likes, dislikes, levels of understanding, different desires, ambitions and different takes on what life should and shouldn't be like. We are born into a world where it's a free for all, where there are literally no guarantees and no fall back positons, even if some are priveledged they are not immune from life's knock backs or jolts which just come flying out of the blue, health for instance makes no boudaries nor exceptions.

It's strange how people think, seeing others go through hell and thinking 'it's all right for them they can cope, but for me it's different', and of course the answer is, it's not alright for them and if it happened to you you'd have to cope so don't be so pathetic and smug and place yourself on a pedastle as if you are a special case, you're not, unless being pathetic is a special case. It's just so easy to see others wading through whatever it is they are going through and thinking that they have the ability and surroundings to cope far better than if you were in their shoes, but with that attitude you are already one of life's losers. Hurt hurts and regardless of circumstances or the enormity of whatever the situation is inner feelings resonate exactly the same. Granted some cultures are more winging based and make  more out of everything such is the outmoded cultural aspects of their past and upbringing, but that's all cosmetic and doesn't deny the real truth of what's what. When it all goes wrong all of our resources come under scrutiny, our mental anguish heightens plus the vulnerability of panic and fear and loss more than anything else. Those that "believe" in God have a head start in stability and positivity which is essential in going forward, those that don't are basically on their own mentally as there is a void which is the pit one doesn't need to go too near for fear of never coming out of it. Out attitude and stability is a vital part of coming out of the doldums smelling of roses, and it can and does happen, positive people get far more help and assistace than negative people no matter where you are.

When all goes wrong or our plans are curtailed by circumstances out of our control or life just doesn't shape up the way we planned, it's time to reconsider what options we have and what our positive strengths are. Nothing highly technical or "deep n' meaningful" either, just ponder about where you are and what's what, there's NO time for feeling upset, feeling disgruntled, feeling low, feeling put out, nor anything else, and ladies there's no time for phoning all your friends telling them of your plight as you will only enhance and exaserbate the situation making it an ongoing cause as oppopsed to a temporary blimp. (Men generally tend to harbour such feelings). But all these are your choices, and your choices will make what's to come fit well or be disjointed no matter what you are going through or is about to happen, you still have a future, and that future includes your efforts to realise it. A seachange can happen at any time from unforseen incidents that literally stop us in our tracks and force us to change tack immediately, it's at these times that we need to be positive othewise we throw away any respect for ourselves and when we do that others can't and indeed don't respect us either. It's your call what you do in life - always.

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