Sunday 23 January 2011


Happiness is one thing in life, love is another, both together are essential for if we lose either for any length of time we start to become unsettled and our thoughts and feelings go awry, and soon we lose our mental cool. The state of our Mental Health is one of the biggest problems affecting the population today, and the vast majority of it is self created, it's not a clinical condition at all, it's us feeding our minds rubbish then expecting tablets or shrinks to unravel it all, because they won't or can't, we have to feed ourselves a better quality life. Even worse we console ourselves by over eating, drinking or partake of recreational drugs which is the food of idiots. Self depression, being misunderstood, isolated, feelings that things are happening around you but you're not part of it all, that feeling in the pit of your stomach that life isn't being quenched with happiness, not sure quite what to do or where to go, walking on a treadmill, just that fuzzy feeling in the mind that things aren't what they should be, and so it all goes on. All these and other similar feelings are related to the very self same thing, YOU, it's not anyone else, it's not life itself (as that doesn't give a damn about you), it's not others, it's not your job or lack of one, it's not your health or financial circumstances, it's you, and nothing but you. How you think and feel is what you are, forget the past hurt, forget yesterday, forget all what's gone on before, you can't change it, today is the start of tomorrow and that's where you are going to go whether you like it or not. If you want to take sadness as a companion with you wherever you go that's fine, but don't expect anyone else  to join in with you, and if you are one of those who "suffers in silence" then you are a fool to yourself, what's the point it leads nowhere but to self created misery. Only you can change your mind set, how you change it is up to you, but the more you regurgitate the past the more you'll bring it back to life in the present and then it will partner you to the future, always making subliminal references to it.

Joy can be found in the simplest of things and places, it's that feeling of elation for very little, it's that feeling of inner greatness when all seems or appears quite the opposite, joy is an accompaniment to hope and hope is the accompaniment to love and love is the one and only force we ever need in life, for without love life just collapses into a nothingness that we may find it hard to ever get out of. Joy is not in self help books or what others perceive, there are no technical formula's to love or joy, it's an intrinsic element that is fixed within us, but like everything emotional or mentally subjective in our body, it's a choice as to whether we utilise it or prefer to outsource our problems to others believing that their take on it or psycho babble will eradicate it all, it won't our minds are our domain and always will be so it's a choice as to make the best of it even if at times the best isn't really that good.  Joy is about seeing beauty and kindness, joy is appreciation, it's humility and not arrogance, joy is stability, joy is knowing better and seeing the 'bigger picture', joy is a love based thought and feeling that's interacting with every part of your body 24/7, it's that good. Joy is not present in mean and selfish and divisive people as it's overruled by the desire for the self above all else, joy once overruled sits back and then the avaricious nature of man plows forward. Evil religions and dictatorships eradicate joy as man made darkness ensues and after that instability and regression are par for the course as is repression. One can't experience joy to it's full extent when one is forever wanting to control people or events for the sake of religions that are devil linked or have motives that hold back people. Joy is bright and free and harmonious and desires that mankind be as one understanding a common love for betterment, not a version dictated by a few, but an understanding by the many.

Inner joy varies from person to person even though the same effect is a commonality at the end of the line, we as people are all different but sharing that commonality of joy within us gives us an immediate sense of belonging, it gives us a bond with those we don't know or at times even don't understand, joy is a solid building block within our being, it's graceful and yet sturdy, it's harmonious yet stands no messing around, it's that emotion that know best, and takes on board how we see life and how others see life and it takes on board too the life we are living where we are living. All creative people whether technical or artistic have a joy element as it fuels a passion even if at times they get a bit derailed in life, never the less they enjoy what plebs and stupid people deliberately put aside as all they want to do is see what they can gain for themselves then complain when it either doesn't happen or materialise. Joy holds no barriers nor does it take prisoners, joy is a voluntary aspect we can call upon and this automatically separates those that care and those that don't, joy transcends every aspect of life and if we allow it to partner with us we have one of the best friends in existence as it will never ever let us down even if all else collapses. With joy loneliness vanishes, with joy stability is strong, with joy we can cope with the disasters that loom large and hit us from out of the blue. With joy we can laugh and enjoy our friends no matter where they may be, with joy we have a warm yet discerning heart that allows us to push through and seek a life that's brimming full of good things. Those that see life a something of a dark venture are usually religiously stagnant and rancid and those that are mean and pathetic or arrogant, all these things turn off the joy ability, but it is a choice and it can be just as easily turned on in nanoseconds. Everything in life you do it's a choice. Your choice.

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  1. Cause you gave joy like a present in our lives, so let me give you my joy to make you always smile.... my little bouddha...