Monday, 17 January 2011


We all want to see enterprise in our lives even the most dull and boring person of which there are quite a few around wants to have some degree of success in a wish or though somewhere down the line. We are full of discrete hopes too, hoping it will be fine next Saturday for the bar-b-q or wedding, hoping that the holiday will have good weather, lots of subliminal thoughts that we would like to make our idea of happiness come true or enjoyment heightened. Much of these subliminal hopes are linked to situations that are out of our control, and even if we could control some aspects of them it's highly unlikely that we would ever contemplate making any change as it would be too much trouble for the reward or end result, such is human nature. Of course it depends upon your attitude to life as well, some people are predominantly lazy and in compensation to this are always full of judgmental excuses as to why they absolve themselves from doing anything, they are usually easily depressed, negative and easily upset when things go wrong, which also highlights a selfish streak within themselves, although they would be the last to admit that, literally thinking that they are generous - but sadly only in their minds. The rest get on with life looking down at such people because as such they hold no positive aspects of furtherance in others lives.

There are those who are naturally active and entrepreneurial in life and just seek out whatever it is they need to move forward, they find, call, write, phone, text, email, whatever it is until they have an overall view about whatever it is they need to do within whatever industry or service that are hoping to offer, then make their move, failure is purely something that happens on the road to success. That's the basic litmus test, where failure doesn't bother you, it's an intrinsic learning experience, it separates those that make an issue out of it and get upset, so they never make it forever feeling thwarted, leaving those that get on with life to enjoy the rich rewards and all the trappings that come with it, no matter how long it takes. Success has no time limit, it can be overnight for some or a lifetime for others, but it's the attitude aspect that forever keeps the light aglow. Making it happen is for some a hard process, for others it appears relatively straight forward, but what one must never do is make comparisons nor find excuses why you find it difficult and others seemingly don't, as that degree of inherent ignorance covers up what others have kept to themselves and overcome whilst the moaners still make an issue out of everything as if it's a life cause to complain.

Making it happen is a personal call, yes it involves others but only those that have a direct input into the process and not a talking point with all and sundry seeking advice from those that haven't a clue. That personal desire to succeed yet to see the way forward as a set of blanks makes the difference between personal incentive and a lowness that percolates a dream that one keeps awaking from with negative thoughts. Those that "Make it" keep it real and to themselves, they are not a public information service seeking approval or "compassion" from others, they don't need it, they are self sufficient in the "going for it process" even if it gets a bit rough and bumpy. All those that succeed see above and beyond the doubters around them, the dross that purely live for themselves and the only advice they give is laced with their own doubts ineptitude and insecurities. It's the dross that sees the painful process at times of others that baffles them, yet in reality their lives shriek of gross nothingness and narrow minded imbalance which they feel immune to, they are but part of the bulk of drones that just live and die in an existence called life.

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