Friday 13 August 2010


It's important that we get some inner fulfilment in life otherwise we suffer a degree of deprivation and loss, we get that endless feeling that there must be more to life than "this" and whatever "this" is, and that "this" isn't readily sustaining our emotional needs. Our emotional needs differ from our real needs and whilst we would possibly like something in an ideal world to appease our thoughts, reality is by far the best way to accept or approach where we are and the reality of the day. Many people walk around daily with that empty feeling in the pit of their stomach a void  which always seems to need quenching yet one doesn't quite know how. It's this "I don't know how" exasperated feeling that causes more consternation than ever, even if deep down one knows what changes are needed to live and enjoy a better life.

Sometimes cultural / family / circumstances have a demanding effect that thwarts the inner resolve to being who we are and thus we are always at sixes and sevens with life and others, being torn between the devil and the deep blue sea and nothing is ever quite right nor has full meaning or purpose. The off shot of not having inner fulfilment is that we see life in a different way from everyone else and our mental makeup also has a different slant so in the grand order of things we become somewhat discordant, volatile and insular, always avoiding commitment and hardly ever daring to 'step out'.

Everyone needs some degree of inner happiness or fulfilment, it's a natural aspect of the human condition and it's something that not only helps us along in life it tends to solidify who we are as people and enhance our purpose. However, the bottom line in any degree of inner fulfilment is that we have to live on planet earth, at least for the time being. If we live anywhere else such as in a fantasy world, day-dreamland, or any other ethereal orbiting mind planet then we will forever lose out, always overlooking and casting away what's on offer and what's available for the here and now. Always self denying and complaining to our inner mind, often to the extent that that's where we convince ourselves not to do what everyone else is doing, which is having a good or better time than ourselves. You either take ownership of your life or you give it or some of it away, it is a choice you make, no if's or but's it is a real choice and what choice you make you reap the results. End of story.

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