Wednesday 16 May 2012


There's nothing wrong with real honest help when needed, it goes a long way to assisting us in our quest and journey in life. Whether it's financial, gardening, with our IT, knowledge, experience, it matters not, when we need help we need help. Of course help can be sub-divided into what is essential and expedient and what just lightens the load or makes things a bit easier, and the difference can be quite substantial. Help commercially costs and some companies actually make their money on help or support more than the product, a bit like printers where cartridges or at least the branded ones can almost cost the same as the printer itself, all carefully worked out - a sprat to catch a mackerel. Very little in the business world is genuinely free, not that it can be after all there are costs involved but the difference between offering a service and greed is getting far less, and often the service isn't as competent as it once was.

There is the type of help too that's benevolent, that we do to help others or give assistance or offer support because we think that whatever it is is worthwhile or the person / people we support are worthy of our kind deed. Giving is actually very cathartic, not to everyone as the mean see life differently, but the vast majority of the population have strong and endearing feelings about fellow man, even if they don't like some areas of it. Giving actually produces in most people a feeling of well being and it's not always of a financial nature it can be just listening to the plight of someone as well as offering your knowledge and experience in a matter. Those that have 'cold hearts' usually have few if not any friends, and if single end up very lonely. In life everything has repercussions and an action to it that either promotes one's life of demotes it, our choices and decisions do make a difference to the quality of life we enjoy, even if it's at times not that great.

The Western world has for years supported the "third world" much of the funds have made real progress in the lives of many people, but much has be syphoned off to the bureaucratic structures of the respective countries for their own needs, such is life in such places. Where help is often given freely the feeling that it has not been used for purpose makes people feel 'used' and 'abused' where their kindness and generosity has been misplaced. This thought again follows in a service of a product via a manufacturer it's all to do with a quality threshold and why some companies fair better than others. Help is a two way structure, we give help or assistance and in turn at times we need it ourselves even if it's just down to filling our tax forms out, if we are stuck and don't know - we need help, otherwise we could literally do ourselves a disservice in the process.

Some people are generous to a fault, it's a natural trait, others are more discerning, some are even gullible and don't really help because by assisting those that are asking for help it stops them actually getting something really tangible for themselves, such as the lazy and those who just want to take seeing no other option. Then of course there are those who do nothing, their motto is 'I don't ask or take so I don't give', but then that never lasts for long for the moment they require help of great need to them they see another world out there and one which they have been sadly missing out on for so long. The base line for everyone in life is you only get out what you put in, and it may seem from the side lines that that is disproportionate, but at the end of the day you haven't seen what has been nor what is about to happen.

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