Wednesday 30 May 2012


There is no getting away from it everything around us is of a molecular structure, we are molecular structures - human life - and we rely on other molecular structures to survive in the form of food, water and air, plus a whole array of interrelated complexities that correspond to form the life we are living. The whole universe is energy of its own type, everything is vibrating at different speeds and together they form all the substances known today and possibly many we don't know of too. Just because we don't know of something it doesn't mean it doesn't exist, it's just that we haven't gotten the sophisticated ability to seek out, discover or find out that it's there or whats there has properties that so far have eluded us. As humans we too give off all sorts of energy, if we are alive then we have a body heat, we also give off signals too that we can pick up upon and not those that medical equipment reads but more down to earth person to person signals. Whatever they are they are forms of energy whether visible or invisible. We are marvellous transmitters and receivers of information, we can detect the smallest of details if we put our mind to it, and if we know someone we can really be on the ball to notice and feel changes about them.

Energy is not consigned to science it's there whether science has evaluated it or not, what is important is that we commune with life itself as that is then being at one with all that's around you and beyond, for nothing exists in isolation. Understanding who and where we are establishes a comprehension of life itself, it's good and not so good points as well as everything in between. Those that cope better with life, get on better, see and understand better than those that are running around in their own minds and not open to the endless positive possibilities that exist that life can offer on an elevated level. Just because life may not be so grand at any one moment doesn't mean that it can't / won't get better even if you possibly can't imagine how or why, because if you think that way you've shut out the possibilities of it actually happening. We can manifest much of a better quality of life just by our thought, by our mental energy, similarly we can make it not so wholesome too. Where the mind goes the body follows so it's imperative that a positive vision is forever present even if circumstance seem otherwise, circumstances are always prone to change so we should not lock ourselves to situations that are so fluid.

As a race we are energy seekers, we need to fuel ourselves with a whole array of molecular delights some make us fat, unhealthy, and some positively energise us and keep us well functioning throughout, we even seek energy to keep us warm or cool, we use energy in our portable devices and transportation, and in global communications and of course that most proficient device the bomb. Religions use energy to subvert the truth about what God is really all about, and third world and Middle Eastern countries  use arms to keep control because of greed and self fear nothing more. Everything is molecular it's just that they are arranged slightly differently to form the end product which we as humans are rather good at. We also use molecules to bamboozle ourselves to think that via advertising we need to look a certain way or have a certain product and of course it's us the punter that has control of what we do yet so many people give themselves over to the "Sponge Effect" where they brainlessly absorb what they see and create a false realty that they then can't comply with and thus cause a rift in their thinking and a discord in their overall thoughts. It's silly, even stupid but people do that and then blame everyone and anything and want tablets or booze to console themselves when they are their own worse enemy.
Our education system today hasn't come that far in that it has come on an equal par or footing with our environment, yes it's updated itself here and there but social skills, communicational skills, understanding yourself and life within this highly engineered molecular society is sadly lost and thus many leave school lacking rather than having an ability to discern in life. Where reason is given in to 'need' and commercial companies will now not stop at anything to subliminally subvert young minds to want their products by choice even if they have no value what so ever. Life doesn't hold grudges which is the good news, we can change for the better at any single moment, our past is wiped out and the future always holds promise unless you think it doesn't then it won't. Molecular structures have no past present or future they just evolve and recylce themselves into other bits and bobs and we enact a short stay with them and then that's it. The overwhelming versatility that is within our grasp is amazing, yet few use any of it to their advantage preferring to view from the side lines and watch a few make the grade and then they call them lucky. But luck is with everyone, no matter how you define it, go and create some today you'll be amazed at what it can do for yourself and the fabulous results you can achieve by using your molecular magic.   

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