Monday 28 May 2012


What happens when your future is stymied right in front of you, when hope turns into a nothingness, when the glimmer of something on the horizon just fades out of view, when within your mind you just sit and stare at the endless swurming of nothingness that's all around you. When the excitement of anything has lost its sparkle and searching for the smallest thing to try and bring a feeling of possibility has completely vanished and the mind is on a life support system that keeps functions going but not much more. Where living in a mind coma is the nearest explanation one can get to an understanding of surviving with intangible thoughts exhausted and mind control depleted. Well this doest happen no matter what you feel or how close you may be able to empathise with any of it as it's all a state of mind. Frustrations and disappointments do happen and they seem to arrive like buses all together then there are none for quite a while, but that doesn't solve nor explain anything, things are what they are and we need to understand the 'bigger picture' in life for if we dwell in our own microcosm we will forever be at the mercy of negativity, insularity and loss.

Our mental state is largely down to ourselves and whilst we all differ in abilities, intelligence, education, common sense, etc, no one can change our thoughts but ourselves, even if others try and persuade us by reason and example. When either as an individual or a nation loses sight of hope and better things then there sets in a mind shift which is neither wholesome or stable, it's a lowness which generates, fosters and creates subliminal structures of a negative nature which affect everyone, some being more pervious to the effects than others. Where a state of lowness resides unrest, insurrection, mayhem, violence, treachery, deceit, corruption thrives as all these need ideal conditions to take root, and where all that is good and hopeful isn't all that is the the opposite will flourish. Politicians rarely make the best people to dictate terms even if they are spot on with their understanding of the situation. They tend to broadly speak in terms of "we" and "us" as a colloquial diktat that hopefully encompasses and engages all, sadly it doesn't as they haven't that ability to be genuine in delivery nor do they understand and efficiently empathise with degrees of sincerity that would create an ease within the turbulence that is to come. Cold rhetoric is becoming more common and more frequent and the backlash to this is the exact opposite of what is needed. Ineptitude has no boundaries nor parameters as it exists anywhere where there isn't a firm cohesion of thought, implication, understanding and deed.

Life goes around in cycles as does current opinion and current thought by default has a 'shelf life' then dies a death, it is something that the overall population take on board without too much thought because it appears that it's all a consensus of opinion, little do they realise it isn't and that they are creating that opinion anyway, hence negativity spreads via a viral route. Good things can spread via a viral route too but not that often because if goodness is an intrinsic part of the self there's little impetus to go further, if it's good it's good. Where bad or not so good things happen as we see quite often today it's because individuals have been motivated into doing and saying things quite often that they have never done nor said before. Viral understanding and getting a "litmus" test of life is going to become more prevalent and make the press even less useful as they only embellish stories to try and create gravitas whereas they are all a few steps behind the reality of any situation especially where it's all punctuated by studio conjecture by the same old cronies who spoke about it last time and the time before and got it wrong then too.

We all have to "see the light" at some point in life some more than others, never the less without a degree of real hope the future would permanently look bleak. Everything has limitations and when our time comes to excel it will, wishing it would come sooner than later is futile even if we create our own destiny or think we do. We need to isolate ourselves from what's around us and conditions for if we don't we will by default be controlled by them. It doesn't mean that we can't be mindful of what our environment local and global consists of but within all of these there are always opportunities for us to excel. Keeping our own council is of paramount importance and not entering into mundane banter about what we can't change nor are privy to in great detail, headline news is just that nothing more. Our emotions create our lives for it's how we feel strongly or not that guides us in whatever direction we feel fit or perhaps just rest on our laurels and do nothing. For some it's not a case of finding the light at the end of the tunnel, it's actually finding the tunnel and understanding that tunnels aren't always straight so we need to go down it turn a few times then the light is there, it's not linear. It's linear thinking that stops many from doing well and getting despondent, when all along they are perhaps just a hairs breadth away from great success.

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