Tuesday 15 May 2012


Life is speeding up, we don't need scientists to tell us that, we see only too well how societies the world over are changing beyond what they were just a few years ago many actually getting worse. Religions are losing the plot thick and fast and many of the "old and staid" religions like Islam are finding it difficult to equate to modern day technology and science via their interpretation as most creativity is Western orientated and has no or little Islamic involvement within it even though they partake of the fruits of such success as receivers and not creators. But even here most religions (a religions being created version from an original book Bible, Torah, Koran, etc is man made and therefore from day one full of faults). They are tethering themselves to their own post and are in the process setting fire to same. Is there any wonder why the world by and large receives no help from God when those worshipping same are out of kilter with truth and love. Love being the base parameter for any belief in God and it is the ONLY conduit to God, so no matter what you do or say if love isn't there then nothing is. Hence global areas in the Middle East and Africa are so devastated with turmoil and it's getting worse and predominantly will, with no end in sight.

Our soul the bit that is us and lives on when our material carcase is of no further use is at our own building whilst we are alive, the Naphesh is what separates us higher human beings from lesser creatures and animals, although at times one wonders. It is the foundation of human life, with Sephiroth and Ruach displaying higher activity of beauty, moral qualities and sovereign to whom we are. These exist regardless of what we believe or understand but if we negate them by our lower action in life then there is little chance of us developing further on our way forwards. Today many priests/ rabbis / imams, etc assume a role of God's representative or some authority or power, which is blasphemous to the letter in any religion whether they know off by heart every word in their respective book. They are like everyone else servants of God and have no powers or abilities or authorities than anyone else, except what they have made up. What people believe is up to them, but believing in something that doesn't exist results in nothing happening ever, and that's all coming out to the for at this moment in time, where religious impotence is ripe as is frustration. And praying to God, whichever one you choose will not bring positive effects, healing, help, assistance, nor anything else whilst your heart is a raging turmoil of evil, retribution, killing, and old and traditional rules  and regulations that mean at the end of the day nothing but repression.

If you believe in God (any one will do) then you must believe that God created the universe and everything pertaining to it, so He knows all about quantum theories and light transference and higher ethereal activity, which makes one's thoughts of planet earth not only pedestrian but pathetically ignorant and dull in comparison. Yet people fight for their God but in doing so they are actually "Dancing With The Devil" hence many religions live in desperation, repression, oppression, killing, suffer world problems, like drought, floods, poverty, and rebellion of life, etc). The gross ignorance and stupidity of being offended because someone burnt a paper copy of a religious book and thus thousands go on the rampage killing. when did God say he was offended or that one should kill when your God is supposed to represent pure and unconditional love, unless your God is the Devil in disguise. What debased mentality is taught by low life creatures preaching a way of life that leads to only failure, who are these people that live in a microcosm of evil and see nothing outside of it? The good news is that you don't need any of them at all, they like you are mortal and therefore subject to evil doings themselves. But you have a choice to follow the goodness, the love walk, the happiness trail and in doing so you'll leave all the evil ones to perish under their own authority. If you do believe in God and preach ill doctrine then hell is awaiting you with open arms.  

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