Monday 7 May 2012


If you ever give it any thought how do you view your future, is it going to be good because you believe that because you are going to make sure it is. Or are you doubtful because of current circumstances and you rely on that as a litmus test thought for how you perceive the future, at the same time admonishing your own ability to ride it out to success. Or have you given up already, soaked in the negative diatribe that that the media put out your resolve is that of a lemming and following in the crowd is basically what you do, in fact it's your conversation which is low, dull and uninspiring. It's not that there's any smart answer to gaining ground for anyone other than the fact that positive minded people do generate a better pace in life than the rest who live in a stasis created by themselves which takes away creative thought. Our lives whatever they may be are in our domain at every step of the way regardless of what we come across and what happens to us, we get periods of time when things go swimmingly well and periods of time when everything seems always that bit out of reach, and whatever period of time we are experiencing it can last for a number of years.

If the media and many areas of science had their way there wouldn't be much left for any of us to enjoy life nor indeed there possibly wouldn't be any life at all. We are all familiar with the "soothsayers" who predict the end of the world and we are still living to read about it in history.  But our future is more about perception than anything else and the whole gamut of global warming and the state of planet earth is about our use more than anything else. The world will survive with or without the human race so it's not about saving the planet it's about saving a space for us on it that's habitable and a good place to live on, not much more. After all we the human race are newcomers on the surface the world has done very well without us and survived ice ages and raging fires and still come out smelling of roses, so far we haven't done anything to merit that accolade.

But within the gloom of media and the despots and the religious fanatics who worship hollow Gods that never do anything at all and never have (the religions) life for most people will be very good indeed. For third world countries life will be pretty much the same in that they will be forever following the West and for the oil countries they will eventually have no income when energy substitutes replace oil which will tax both who they are as a race and what they believe as they won't be able to afford the luxury of living behind a facade anymore and nobody will want them as they are already an unstable aspect in the world which will implode upon itself. Life finds its own level, the good and great aspects of life will always surface and find those of like minds that enjoy life as opposed to selfishly manipulating it for their own purpose at the demise of others. A greater divergence will emerge between those of humanitarian content and those who see life as what they can get for themselves, which is a Godless structure of living deceit and self carnage. But for a time they will live concurrently until the balance shifts and massive headway's will take place for the better but at the gross expense of the demise of many in the process.

Life is good now if you take away greed, selfishness, envy, arrogance, jealousy, etc, all the negative emotions and allow what you have to uphold the joy and happiness within and once that starts life will by its own volition start to grow where before one may have found it difficult to move forward. Happiness is paramount to life for if this becomes an object of desire as opposed to an inherent feeling then it places ones perception of life at a different angle and that formulates not only your thought but your ability to progress in every single way. There is so much untapped worth and fun and excitement and development and creativity that's ahead of the dull and narrow just waiting to be explored and enjoyed and beyond the established rancid commentators who are bastions of putrid dullness and premature old age that one needs to ignore all and just go for it. Those that tread their own pathway make the grade those that listen to media commentators are doomed to a death of their own insularity and false futures. Life is always good ahead for what we see today as an obstacle becomes tomorrows groundbreaking solution and so it goes on. Never listen to the scientists or engineers who know the technicalities of life but contain no imagination for it's imagination that gives life what it needs to burst forward and leave the pathetic still talking about it on their death beds.  

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