Sunday 20 May 2012


Everything in life is relative, and what one sees as something spectacular others see it as just what it is as it means little more than the entity of itself. If one travels frequently to all parts of the globe then travel is no big deal even if it stimulates degrees of excitement, to those that travel once or twice a year it's almost an event in itself. Those that have expensive cars see them for what they are and can afford, to others they are an entity in another dimension of driving. Those that frequent expensive restaurants on a regular basis enjoy a different experience from those that see going out to an expensive restaurant as a 'special occasion'  and so it goes on. And whilst there is no wrong nor right the emotional aspects of perception can either reduce or elevate one's thoughts on life and one's abilities to communicate effectively. Our friends and social strata and gathering account for our ability to be able to proficiently do what we do and be accepted for same with others regardless of whether they do more or less and regardless of their circumstances. Unfortunately emotions fall into the equation far too often and greed, jealousy, ego, etc, rear their ugly head and then everything goes belly up or sour.

We migrate to those who love us 'warts an all' and tend to take a wider berth with those that have opinions on what we do or have because it's dull, boring and none of their business anyway. At times because of business we have to get along with those who don't particularly like us for whatever reason but we do so because it's expedient and has a purpose and we know that showing negative feelings is a lack of self control, low life mentality and stunted thoughts so we move on. It takes all sorts to make a world, and there are those at the opposite end of the spectrum in the voluntary sector that are priceless human beings devoting their lives to what they believe for little reward in the material stakes. It's whatever floats your boat and we can't judge what is better for everyone has a place in life and a purpose even if some don't want to utilise it because of their own negative self thoughts.

Our views, creativity, direction, ideas if they are to be implemented and put to good use or at least given a hearing need to be either directed to appropriate sources that understand where we are coming from, even if they don't like what we have. Or we have to attract those around us that are 'likeminded' as that will help us in bouncing off thoughts and empathising with what we wish to put out. But it doesn't stop their because there are those who may share a commonality of thought in a certain direction and yet have a totally different perspective of life and that can not only be frustrating but hinder your own thoughts which have a higher calling than just an understanding and an interest. It's here that many areas of life fall down as personal thought over and above knowledge takes a tumble, what some see as a need others don't, what some see as potential or greatness others don't, what some see as the 'bigger picture' others don't see anything other than their own microcosm of space, and without due understanding rifts develop often beyond reproach or repair. It we are to venture into any type of thinking that frees us up from convention then we need to look at all that is around us and not just where we are at, for if we do that we will forever be hindering our own progress no matter far up the ladder we are already.

The greatness of what is available in life goes a long way to allowing our minds to expand and understand as opposed to storing potted versions of different people and different things and then using that limited knowledge as a base for further thought or decision making. Which by default eliminates much of the realness and facts that we don't have to hand. It's almost like the 'armchair expert' or TV commentary which is forever manufactured and manipulated to produce an entertaining result mixing fact and fiction. Those in "the loop" our loop of friends and acquaintances that resonate at different levels are essential to us even if there is a distance involved. Some we would talk to on a certain level others we wouldn't it varies so much but by and large it's needful for us so that we can feel more at ease with ourselves and move on and enjoy a degree of camaraderie for without that frustrations build up. Cultivate new friends who resonate with whom you are, it's not the easiest of things to do but it does pay off and potential is forever present, whereas being alone is a one way journey to nowhere.

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