Thursday, 10 May 2012


More than ever today the young are put under pressure to conform, all the hollow talk of allowing them to being individuals is rubbish as once they start to differ from the 'norm' they are soon reprimanded because the "parents" or "social class" feels threatened and frightened and have doubts themselves, not to mention are at times totally ignorant about the whole scenario. Parents can be the best thing for any young person or they can be the worse thing ever and cause their children untold stress anxiety and a repressive early life especially the very religiously evil parents that want their children to do what they want and not how they develop naturally themselves. The dichotomy and plurality of many areas within the authoritarian confines of life speak from safe havens expressing individuality yet at the same time want everyone to be the same because you can't control individuality so that side of the the conversation is purely smart talk, the reality of individuality does scares them to bits. Individuality is about to a large extent going against the grain, it's how progress is made, it's how we break through barriers, it's what separates the 'men from the boys' it is what spear heads evolution as opposed to the fuddy duddies who believe they are the stalwarts of society yet are are pure gatekeepers and repressors by default.

From many an "internal" perspective it's always alright for "others" to be different to be "individually creative" but for those in your family or around that self same trait is defined as "weird" or "being confrontational" or "what's matter with them" such is the narrowness of many. It's ignorance and in many cases families that lack education and outward intelligence that fear the most and thus often ridicule those brighter than themselves. It tends to be these areas and educationally lacking that are the stalwarts of racism, sexism, religious zealots, etc, often it's those in the supposedly antagonised groups themselves that can cause more of a problem via their own attitude than those outside observing, as most people just don't care, get on with your life, let me live mine. And of course the old favourite 'attitude' rears its head, bad attitudes ALWAYS create dissent no matter who or what you are.

Hatred and jealousy, ego, arrogance, etc, stem predominantly from those who reside in areas of negativity, it's not that others don't possess such traits but they have other options too like getting a life and not just watching others have one. Everything we do or say is a manifestation of whom we are, we have to be "aware" of whom we are and how society is in order to proficiently go forward. If we have either an "attitude" problem or a bad perception of what life is like we will be that person by default that has little or no self esteem, and many people who have problems with various social groups are usually bad communicators in every way. Not only can they not communicate efficiently, i.e. say clearly what they want in a manner that others find acceptable, but the use of words and bad language automatically puts others off and puts then on a course of uneasiness, and that's failure by default. Bad communication is usually a family trait, not always but often, so if the child has no real drive within they follow suite and pick up all the bad habits, attitudes, feelings, underdog feelings, which is a shame for many only need a small spark of encouragement to excel in areas they had never dreamt off or more to the point dare not dream of.

Perfection doesn't exist but that's not important as most wouldn't recognise it anyway, the 75% rule exists for most where anything above makes a disproportionate difference to the value of the product and greatly increases the cost too. Society gets on well with less than perfection and to some extent substandard and even  shoddy, it finds its levels and we find ours. Costs don''t necessarily define a product as a "designer" dress can cost literally a few pounds or dollars to make yet be sold for thousands, again it finds its market. It's what we do with our lives that gives it value and unfortunately some people are not brought up with any personal value otherwise they would be better than they are in every respect. Our society teaches less of values in education today so that even technically brilliant people become introverted zombies because they live two lives. That of an intellectual (and they can be the biggest nerds on the planet full of idealistic theory and no substance) and then a life of trying to enjoy both whom they are and all that can enhance it, and neither at times works to any advantage.
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