Wednesday 9 May 2012


Even the most hardy types have somewhere deep within themselves a "touchy spot" where they don't like to venture too far or discuss whatever it is. It's not that it brings us down or into a perplexed state it's just that it tends to have a short cut towards making us feel slightly uneasy and maybe recalls something of our past or attributes that we would rather dismiss than dwell upon. But it is these areas within and those of others that can be our 'best friend' when it comes to debate or to finding the truth within others as such areas of 'sensitivity' manifest themselves in the answers or questions we putt out. We can see almost daily politicians being "economical" with the truth, skimming over areas, lightly defining others, delving into stuff which is safe fodder, highlighting topics yet to be put into practise, all to make political rhetoric that's slightly disingenuous not necessarily a pack of lies but avoiding the real 'nitty gritty'. The media is exactly the same, highlighting negative potential as if whatever has happened could be a new plague or vast devastation whereas it's all nothing of the sort. It's playing with our emotions it's a skill but it's also the fact of someone weak and not able to speak stuff as it were.

Everything today has a 'touch of spin' to it, the banks have of recent date been the biggest corporate deceivers causing global unrest and harm to millions of people by their underhanded deals, where pure greed has overtaken the pawns of the population in their own personal desire for more, leaving many in the wake bereft of a living and and financial support or income. Where much of health care is financially based where if you have a credit card 'we'll save your life' if not, next. Within every household there are skeletons and areas where we just don't touch or talk about, it's inevitable as a race we make mistakes some silly, some stupid, some out of ignorance and some out of desperation, life is full of such things. Touching a nerve is part of whom we are as a race of people our own sensitivities lies ahead of us not in the past, if we are ashamed or embarrassed or unnerved about incidents or situations we shouldn't be, it's easier said than done, but our whole life is literally ahead of us and we are not predominantly what we were , we are a product of now.

Honesty that rare commodity even in religious circles is often so biased and convoluted that what is said actually becomes a stance of personal conjecture rather than what it should be as an open and factual statement not some laundered speak which is why many people lose credibility. Credibility gaps are at an all time low as conversations seem to be "designer driven" which often eliminates both honesty and sincerity and few have the guts, charisma, metal, verve and ability to say what they think, which doesn't mean being rude either. Communicating with others is more than an art it's a necessity and if we are to enjoy the fullness of life both within our families and friends and not harbour ill feeling, resentment, fear, bottled up or pen up emotions then we should get it out in the open and have done with it. Of course that basic of basics love should be firmly in place for that can withstand everything it's when we apportion our version - conditional love - that it all starts to fall apart, then we wonder why, STOP WONDERING you've just created the base for negativity yourself. And if you really think something shouldn't be said then don't say it, but be at peace with that thought and let it lie dormant, not as a perpetual mind thought that keeps churning within.

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