Tuesday 1 May 2012


Most people regardless of aspirations or desires for their future want to increase their worth as to having things that they would like to have available as opposed to placing them on a "wish list". We are surrounded by a plethora of media and published works depicting how we can achieve anything in life by the purchase of a book or attending a lecture or seminar for a fee. But ah if only it were so easy and so true. If only we had to attend "that" lecture or read "that" book and all would be well, but sadly whilst "that" lecture may be stimulating and "that" book may be gripping reading it very rarely transposes to the attendee or reader. It's not that what was said or confined to paper or our "E" reader isn't true it's just that there is something that is between us and the achievements of those that originated their stance, and it's called a "Time Line".

Life is full of a series of "Time Lines" and in our continuum we face many obstacles that although may be concurrent or parallel in nature to those we seek knowledge from it still has that "Time Line" running between them. How To Make a Million Overnight, Laws of Positive Attraction, How To Bring Success To You, The Laws of Spirituality (whatever those are) the list is endless as are the people who write such things and those that think there is a solution and a "quick fix" out there if only they could just find it. It's often this latter thought process or ideology that "I'm Just Missing Something" that drives people in their hoards to find those saged secrets that have all the answers and from there onwards success is just a matter of time. What is easy for some is just so difficult for others, what comes naturally to some is almost alien to others too, and so it goes on, there isn't a "one size fits all" otherwise such books or lectures would be part of the national curriculum and everybody would be grossly successful.

It may be interesting and indeed informative and to some extent comforting to know what someone had gone through to achieve their success, but that was then, in another time phase, with different circumstances, different people, with different parameters, with different circumstances, with different knowledge, with different thoughts, with different everything even if what you are doing appears almost identical, you are not in that persons shoes in that time. You are right here right now and what was available then isn't of the same order now, it just can't be, although possibly it could even be better now, but it never the less isn't the same and never will be. The bottom line in everyone's success regime is that you have to do it yourself no matter what help you get or advice you get and its got to resonate deep within because if what you are doing isn't inherent then it will be an uphill struggle every day even if what you are doing is you hearts desire.

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