Tuesday 29 May 2012


Do you have a destiny, a dream, an inkling of where you are to go to in life, is there something more than what you have or is what you have all there is, and if so there's nothing wrong with that. Many people have a feeling deep within that they would like to do certain things which have a solid resonance with them. Possibly no others can even share that or even know of it as it's never been mentioned. The idea that one would like to over and above what is currently happening venture forth and be an explorer, a writer, a cook, a discoverer, whatever it is that has a fascination and a stimulus for that inner self. Or is it a need for an understanding of the soul to reach somewhere else and gain a higher meaning of life, because it exists whether we entertain it or not. How do we want to end up and what happens between now and then can dramatically affect both who we are and who we think we are. It's a sad enditement to ourselves to think little of life outside our confines as there is a vastness that holds such knowledge about life and why some countries do well and others always lag behind and suffer and enact deplorable states and injustice. Our concept of life changes as we get older, our lives are pushed and pulled and knuckled into shape, things change, dreams shatter, new opportunities arise, people come and go, experiences are encountered good and bad, and time ticks on regardless, and when we are gone time will still tick on.

Making the best out of life is what we have for ourselves, sometimes it goes well and sometimes despite best efforts it doesn't, either way we have to get on with it and try, and try and try for if we don't stagnation starts to take place and then decay sets in. Decay is a part of the whole recycling of life, everything goes through the process even the universe recycles itself, it's all part of the very big 'bigger picture' sometimes lasting nano-seconds sometimes thousands of years, either way everything has a life at some point. For ourselves the moment is now and that's the crucial aspect of both enjoying life and allowing others to enjoy and share that joy with us for if that doesn't happen we certainly aren't maximising our lives and reaching into the fullness of it all. Our enjoyment is an essential aspect of a sentient existence, it's what makes us think and feel not only for ourselves but others too, it's a love based concept that never dies. Where there is an absence of love there is instability and ironically religiously controlled countries have a massive lack of love as internal mayhem and instability are their trade marks.

Our journeys in life are so personal that we can't compare to others as we are all individuals and we can't either appoint fairness nor anything else. What is, is nothing more than that. We have a free hand within our own self and it's a case of reacting to life the way it is and the myriad of permutations that exist and crop up because of co-existing circumstances often arranged subconsciously by others. The culmination of events in our lives is infinitesimal, and it's up to us to change or alter what we can in order to best make a headway for ourselves, otherwise life will happen by default, and then it may be alien to what we like and want and takes us to a place which is less happy. Sometimes life can be like a roller coaster others it can be sedate and slow, either way we are the fulcrum in our existence and have to move and shift and turn to make it what it is for ourselves. The reciprocity of life is paramount, what we put out we get a return, if we put out little or nothing then that is what we will reap so we can't blame others for a poor harvest if we sow few seeds. Our attitude is part of our journey as it reflects who we are and what we are, it's our face to the world no matter who sees it. Our attitude is our shop window so if what we have to offer looks soiled then it probably is, if it's always shining regardless of circumstances then it's that warm glow that others will pick up upon. But it's all down to the self, your life, your journey, how do you want to write your script?

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