Friday 25 May 2012


Everyone has a view on life, how we view life depends upon a number of things and a number of internal parameters, some seemingly have already been pre-set whilst others we have acquired or foster acordingly as they resonate with our overall thought mode. Even asking the same question to a number of people on the same topic can produced a myriad of differing responses such is the variety of options that are available to us and thus it's this difference that produces our own reality. The horizon for instance for some is engaging, fascinatingly haunting and produces an inner excitement for further possibilities and potential, whereas for others it's a distance too far, frightening, fearful, unknown, yet these two views can sit side by side and view the same horizon and come up with two totally different perspectives. It's this dichotomy of perspectives that produces all what we think and how we react to life and why some generate their happiness within, for that's where it resides for everyone, and those that perpetually seek happiness because they are negatively dispositioned. However it's our emotions that display how we take life on board such as ego, arrogance, jealousy, greed, envy, it's always the negative emotions for the positive emotions spring from love where nothing can go wrong, negative emotions suspend reason hence there is so much upset and anger between what we think and others possibly think. Politically correct people are also negatively charged via their own make of selfishness hiding under the auspices of 'doing good' for others or society, but in reality they have appointed themselves into a position where they are not wanted and become gatekeepers holding back truth and hiding their own failings and pathetic inabilities.

We subliminally have an idea of what we would like in life or like life to be like, but that is just that an idea, we live solely in the present and that is where we must enjoy life because if we don't we then end up with historical gaps of the past of not being happy and having wasted our time seeking a future that has come and gone and not materialised into anything we have wanted. Even if our ideals come to pass in a respectable time frame they are never the same as we would have envisaged even if they happen to be better. Of course paving the way for a better tomorrow is good and expedient for most people so the journey should be enjoyed not endured for if it isn't resentment starts to creep in and that then clouds our whole thought process which ultimately leads to a negative perspective of life. The media and following rubbish on the TV and in the press have a lot to do with many subliminally absorbing it like a sponge and not processing it accordingly (squeezing it out) but that's more to do with intelligence and personal thought than the media itself who will stop at nothing to peddle their wares, we do have an option however to discern an option that for many is sadly impotent.

No one knows what lies in store for our future but being positive in mind always lightens the load with regards upsets and attracts positive solutions as to getting the best out of what there is and the vast array of options that are 'out there'. We think we have a 'good idea' but in reality that's only what we know of or more accurately 'think of' and not what is out there as we haven't a clue what really exists. This is where narrow mindedness and arrogance and stupidity take a part in our own created downfall, pretending that we know whereas if we had an open mind a whole manner of opportunities would avail themselves to us. One reason why entrepreneurs do well and the so called "open minded" who are anything but fall by the wayside and then wonder why and feel disgruntled in the process too. Our real reality is what it is, who we are where we are and what we have, it doesn't matter what that consists of as there are no rules levels or parameters, they differ enormously from every person on the planet even if some are almost parallel. But perception is something to be understood by everyone and allowing others to have their perceived ideas and allowing our own to change as we become enlightened is a way forward that can enhance our whole being and give us a peace, understanding, love walk, happiness, stability, improved mental health and physical health that we might otherwise have jeopardised because of stilted thoughts.

There isn't an equation in life as to what you need or see as compared to anything else that means it's all OK. Nor are perceptions of what some have or others don't have mean anything except via  materialistic thoughts and self concocted or conjured up ideals which have no bearing upon the life you are living at the moment, even if you are sadly lacking in resources this makes no difference at all. The moment you place ethereal aspects of life upon material aspects of life you have lost the plot, and yes it's nice to have nice things but that's it nothing more. Perceptions are often based upon security and when one becomes more secure attitudes change whatever is security for yourself, financial, job, health, relationship, etc. However once we attain a modicum of what we think is essential to our life we then seek something else, it's bit like the carrot and the donkey scenario, it's always one step ahead of us. But reality is exactly what it is, the comments about "the real world" are rubbish, if you are living and breathing then you are in the real world, regardless of your standing. It's up to you to make the best of it and not place idealistic thoughts and negativities ahead of you or you will never ever be happy or fulfilled or stable.

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