Saturday 26 May 2012


It's quite the vogue right now to talk about the future of planet earth and listen to all the scientific jargon pertaining to it. It's actually a field day for scientists to enter the boxing ring punching out theories based on all sorts of statistical data and hypothetical conjecture and extrapolations that it's becoming a circus of intellectual entertainment more than a reality concept. Most theories now are backed up by vested interests, that is those that are stating their case have sponsors whether governmental or commercial and many have indeed political backing too which makes it all the more dubious as to any validity whatsoever. Then we have the religious cranks, idiots and morons who are forever predicting the end of the world and those soothsayers who delve into mystical events of the past and link it with today and come up with some sort of Hollywood based concept ready for the next blockbuster called "Tomorrow In Sight". The icing on the cake are the media whores who love anything to do with negativity, strife, pestilence, death etc as they can go to town and put a spin on it all that even the Devil himself would be proud of, whether it's remotely true or not is immaterial today, morals are nasty words that get in the way of much of journalism and are thus ignored.

Many of the world governments have agreed on carbon offsetting as a way to reduce emissions etc, which is basically a good thing, however in the usual government ineptness and the lost and bewildered they employ to draw it all up revenues on commercial organisations and services have been levied to help fund this process. Such levies have increased prices substantially and instead of them doing what they say they do, offset carbon by forestation etc. They are now trading as a commodity themselves "carbon trading" and thus profiteering is made on the whole project which is an underhanded way of consumers funding businesses by default for which they themselves as contributors financially have no benefit. If governments were in charge of sea water there wouldn't be any left within 6 months.

The truth to global longevity is relatively simple in that there are two things to consider. Firstly planet earth itself and secondly the human race. The first situation is also relatively simple in that whatever we do to "mother earth" it will survive, it has done for millions of years and come through the most massive raging fires and incredible ice ages that man could not have survived, and in doing so each times has revived itself and it's still here and we will not be. So that's one thing to understand. The second is us humans on planet earth, how are we going to survive when fossil fuels run out and the stability of nuclear fuels and its subsequent waste starts to mount up in alarming quantities. As a race we are survivors but already there is a significant shift in how people are living and how countries are faring and it's all rather negative. Life is now in a metamorphic state. The "third world" and that includes the middle east will unfortunately and relatively get worse, despite the oil rich middle east at present, take away the oil and there's nothing left, and anything which has a majority Islamic content is prone to gross failure. Even currently there isn't one stable Islamic country on planet earth and what there is is despite what is termed as the Arab Spring the prelude to ongoing insecurity, injustice and turbulence a demise of its own making. However the validity of all religions will come under scrutiny as to what they mean and how they have veered off course via man's own self interests, and self imposed structures that are not of any God driven doctrine, mayhem will increase in this area for a while. Some of the larger global religions such as Catholicism will undergo radical change beyond current thoughts and revert to how it should be an not as a religious industry it is now with weak management and grossly insipid leadership with an entourage of useless followers on.

Sustainability is how the population if to continue needs to progress to, and it will, at least in the West where creativity and ingenuity is its homeland trait. Where man has had to find solutions He has, and where there is a creative environment it's almost an endemic part of the thought process. The terrible Tsunami that hit Japan a year ago, just suppose it hit the Middle East or Africa, they would never recover because the mentality of the population are just not capable of individual thought by and large, so used to relying on 'others' that they are almost impotent in their abilities to do anything themselves. But even in the West there will be an enormous shift in how people perceive others and how both information and deliverance of life and it's products are administered where regulatory bodies will becomes established with great force as opposed to the somewhat watered down associations they are today. For a while greed will become almost epidemic as it is now until a 'tipping point' is reached and it will then be uncomfortable for those who reside in certain areas to exist with a freedom that they enjoy today, even though many others will have increased wealth and be able to enjoy it. Over the next twenty years much will change, not visually but within the thought patterns of society and governments will adhere more to "local content thought" than  that which is almost dictatorial today or "advised" by information seekers who get it wrong as they daren't say what they feel. Exciting times ahead, enjoy every moment the metamorphasis had just begun.

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