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Have you ever seen in your dreams a better life? Improvements and had daydreams of possibly better times ahead? If you have then you account for the vast majority of the population, regardless of your trappings and circumstances. Advanced thought is always something nice to behold. In contrast reality is not only a great leveller it puts one into the correct perspective and stops all the excuses or heaven forbid moans of why things are as they are. It's good to encounter both the dreams as it allows our thoughts to take a walk on the wild side and the reality check which keeps us on the straight and narrow, or hopefully so. It's when one interlaces both that troubles start and presumptions and illusions and perceptions take over and smudge the defining lines between fact and fiction. There's a big difference between trying to better yourself or upping your game and living a fantasy. At times life throws a number of obstacles in our pathway some emotional, some financial, some health wise, some relationship / family areas, or whatever else it may happen to be career, location, redundancy, etc, it can be whatever it is to you. Even the smallest of seemingly innocuous things to one person means a great deal to another so as bystanders it's wrong to judge others on what we feel or think.

The mirage effect can be both positive or negative it's how you perceive life, and whilst it is only an affect it can have a profound difference as to how we view life ahead and how indeed we live our life. Furthermore there is the "ripple effect" too, that is whatever we do has repercussions with what's around us, be it circumstantial, friends, family, entertainment, lifestyle, anything in fact. Very little resides in life in isolation, if we attain wealth we generally use it to our advantage and enjoy what it can get us or share it with others and enjoy that pleasure too, unless you are mean. Likewise if you lose or your income or it is greatly reduced then what you can do is somewhat limited and thus you live accordingly or build up debts which has even worse consequences, even if by sheer necessity, but then it's your gamble and you bite the bullet when it all comes crashing down.

Politicians preach about mirage effects, their philosophy of how they want to effect a policy such as in the recent banking scandals by propping up the establishments that caused the problems in the first place. They predominantly failed as greed within the system syphoned off all they could for their own benefit. Many celebrities live within a mirage of life, living what doesn't quite exist, it's all very real but no depth hence the rehab / psycho clinics do a roaring trade. Mirages always look real and very inviting as they appear at a time when circumstances interface to form an illusion of what doesn't exist. The mirage circumstances definitely exist but all else is sadly an effect and no more. It's sad that many people in life perpetually follow effects and illusions in the hope that they are true and they will find what they so desperately seek, and when it appears long coming they then realise that it just maybe all 'pie in the sky' which it is and gross disappointment sets in.

No matter how gruelling it may be reality is your best friend, it will keep you grounded and allow what pleasures you either seek or enjoy to be real and fundamental to whom you are. It will keep friends as friends, it will keep you stable, it will keep you more wholesome and fuel whatever creativity you have within. It will support your life by allowing you to be honest with yourself and stop unnecessary disappointment or let down. It will in fact support all of your life and will still allow you the luxury to daydream at will without fooling yourself or get carried away and fall into an abyss of make believe that's hard to get out of. Being "at one" with yourself is all you can ask, the rest will naturally flow and reside exactly where it needs to be within and without trying to find reasons why or admonish yourself of anything around you or make excuses. It will stop what many harbour "baggage" that's neither necessary or beneficial to anything in your life, being free is allowing yourself to smile to enjoy and be happy, and when those come together the mirages just fade away from whence they came.  

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