Friday 4 May 2012


Does the past ever come back to haunt you or do you frequently recall events or incidents of the past, or indeed have you got a story of the past that you use frequently to bolster your excuses about life and bore people silly with. Are past and possibly present failures haunting you and causing you to believe that things won't ever get better for you or that what you went through could happen again or for some is still going on? Does at times the future look like the present but just projected towards tomorrow almost a deja vu scenario living today in tomorrows space with nothing more happening other than thoughts, wishes and dreams, because this is common to many, in all areas of life. How we view and perceive life is how life will be, even if deep down our wishes and aspirations and possibly desperate thoughts lean towards a greatness that gets us out of where we are now to somewhere better, but still seems to be spring loaded to keep us firmly entrenched into now. Life is not linear and it's not something confined to paper or text books or anything else, what you are living is not only unique but it will not be repeated ever again by anyone else no matter how  similar it may appear. Your destiny is what it is and you are pivotal to how that unfolds. You are the actor, producer and director of your whole life production and also your worst critic too. You are the chief earner (no matter where your stipend comes from), your own accountant, adviser, social observer and you are your own host, whoever you meet befriend, marry, shack up with you are the one and only one to make those decisions. Even if you choose to follow someone else and it all goes terribly wrong, you did it, you must accept the blame or that responsibility, no answering back you did it! (and no mumbling to yourself either)....

Good things in life come to us all, some know it only too well, and others seemingly feel that they are left out of the loop and when things of a goodly nature do surface as they are so overwhelmed by the 'not so good things' that a feeling of exasperation ensues as opposed to gratitude. But the real crux of all of this is if you want good things to happen you have to create them they just don't arrive on their own. You have to be in it to win it, winning the lottery maybe at great odds against but never buying a ticket ensures one thing - you'll never never win not even the smallest prize. Successful people create an environment to succeed against the odds in many cases many a "nice" person just sits back and complains that they tried a few things and they didn't work and give in at that, big difference in both mentality and ability, and also in forward perceptions too. But what has this got to do with leaving old ways behind, everything, because the old thoughts and ways are rarely updated and not in sufficient quantities to make life different and more optimistic. Resting on your laurels is the worst mistake most people make and thus almost subliminally resign themselves to where they are and although they think they make the odd move forward they don't do anything in the real stakes that's going to make any difference unless by pure chance.

The actuality of life the positive or negative moves are controlled from within, "stuff happens" situations and circumstances change purely because everything has a shelf life and whilst some are short some can be lengthy. In the middle of this we are placed and have available to us a whole wealth of things we can do that will elevate ourselves and almost advertise who we are and where we are for without any degree of self elevation there is no platform to work upon. When there is no platform to work upon the default situation is looking back at the past as it's tangible even though it died a death in the annals of our history. What didn't work then can now, what never transpired then might now, it's what we push for that makes the tumblers turn and the countdown get closer to what we either want or find something even better available that was out of our scope of knowledge or understanding.

Cultures and old traditions may seem cute and colourful and edifying, but many are so out of touch with today's age that they cause real harm and damage and can be even evil in intent as such things were outlawed when time moved on and they didn't. Reminiscing about the past, recalling memories, admiring those that did their best for us in the past to give us what we have now is all admirable stuff. But memories don't build futures, and both should be kept separately in their respective places. Trying to use tradition as a way forward is like regurgitating the past and has not only dire consequences but smacks of narrow minds and real problems ahead, often making them insurmountable because today is where you live not yesterday. It's hard for some to leave the past as it can give comfort yet it's a pure false and hollow scenario as it offers nothing in return and often alienates one from not only their surroundings but the reality of life itself.

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