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Life comes in cycles, however each cycle is quite different in that the substance of life in between the last cycle has changed considerably more so now as technology is coming on leaps and bounds even in just the space of a year. We look back and laugh at the 60's and what people wore and the technology, similarly the 70's and 80's and now it's all of a melding of retro and futuristic mixed with nostalgia and tradition all stirred together in a pot of life to produce items and experiences to hopefully elevate our lives. It's this surge of advancement that has left so many people bereft of love, understanding and potential for the future. It's this homogenising of society and within it a breakdown never experienced before of terrorism, which is predominantly Islamic, cultural breakdown, politically correct stupidity, and an unease with young people as to what life is all about causing unrest and for the less intelligent street gangs.

One can see especially on the Internet that there are springing up a whole plethora of groups / individuals / organisations / societies that are keen to put us in touch with our 'higher selves', whatever that is, maybe it's something a bit kinky like a mirror on your bedroom ceiling so you can see yourself at a higher position, who knows? Whatever it is these people have no more connection with life or any other entity or energy than yourselves, even if they have a more calmer outlook, that's self control more than any divine power or knowledge, and there's nothing new here. There is a market however for relaxation and some companies actively engage in this, most are understandably city based as it costs money but never the less it's out there. The companies that indulge in office massage techniques by outside firms are very few and far between and overall it solves nothing, it's just putting a plaster on the problem. Whilst massage can be very beneficial it doesn't solve the root cause as to why everyone has gotten so hyper in the first place. But when finance and ignorance and PR come together, ineptitude is often the resultant and shows considerably as such.

There is without a doubt considerable energy around us both natural and man made. We all know of static electricity when we get a shock from touching something or our sweaters crackle at times when we take them off. Our mobile devices receive energy in the form of radio signals to make and receive our calls as does our sat nav, tv and a whole host of other things like our auto car lock, and TV controls, we just can't get away from it. And from recent disasters we know of high levels of radiation too that whilst we can't see it have devastating consequences especially over time with regards mutating our genes etc. So we need to be selective as to what we call up and try to access with all this "higher self" and "consciousness" and "spirituality", as there are many quacks and charlatans and weirdo's out there who have lost the plot before they have even started. Many on the weird scale from 1 - 10 have already hit the 8 mark if not some beyond 10.

There is also a satanic energy out there and that is very real and many have succumbed to it inadvertently in the search for "higher things" whatever that is to the individual. There are also many religions that are evil based and although they talk of love and goodness do no such thing when it comes to 'walking the walk', the followers never have good things from their God but endless misery and it shows mega-time. Everyone who believes is precious about their faith not wishing to understand that if it isn't real what's left, that's only something that they can come to terms with themselves or feel that what's currently on offer doesn't work but daren't change, it's back to fear again. Fear is the antithesis of love, but believing that is something else as so many are used to thinking fear.

It's not to say that many who go on courses to find their "higher self" don't get some benefit, we can all learn at any age, although many of the people who attend these courses are 30+ and single and predominantly female, but not exclusively. Loneliness and isolation and sadness and mild depression often get confused with the thought that life holds more but it just can't be accessed so therefore it must be of a "high energy" etc, which is rubbish. It's also that elusive feeling that there are 'secrets' out there that have the answers and accessing your "higher self" or whatever it is you want to access will bring one much closer to the reality of happiness. It won't ever, even if one enjoys the experience of learning and meeting like minded fellow lost souls to exchange views and aspects of getting older more cranky and still lonely, if nothing else it passes the time. Our own energy levels are directly related to whom we are as a person, so our physical and mental health are what we make them by and large. Going "overboard" is almost as bad as doing nothing in that we get out of one encumbrance and shift to another, so in the end we end up with a slightly different but contrite perspective that gets us no further or at least see that what we have done still hasn't quelled the inner pang for that illusive 'higher self' which you have already, but if you could actually access it - then what? You haven't a clue?

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