Monday, 13 February 2012


The higher human energy that is radiating around us today is not that of harmony or greater substance, it's one that has an almost retrograde self enhanced degree of negativity that's permeating people and religions as they increasingly become impotent and fearful about life and hold no answers towards technology, biology and science itself. The quality of the so called learned spiritual yet -antiquated leaders is of the lowest calibre to date as they cannot understand man's consciousness and his purpose. (other than reciting scriptural content - which is not good enough - anyone can do that). Furthermore basing the Universe on scriptural writings and how we all came into existence and where we are aiming for is way beyond their feeble and increasingly dull mind sets. All the self created pomp, ritual, bureaucracy and pseudo importance they have created over the years has been towards themselves and not that of a higher understanding. Their inner divisiveness to promote themselves and those therein has both eluded, deluded and veered them off the course of truth, and yes the truth still exists - somewhere. At the end of times all these people will be of no value and those that follow will not be the "saved" ones, like all herders in life slaughter is the inevitable doom. The populous of the Middle East are herders mainly via indoctrination, never the less doom and slaughter are now part of the inevitable unless radical change is made, which sadly is highly unlikely. Although the Middle East will not be alone in this, there are many who are self smug in that they believe a different ending based purely on ignorance and their version of it all. But life can change in a flash and whilst many enjoy a pseudo enjoyable time now they really cannot perceive anything other for tomorrow.

Religion is an industry, it's far far away from God, and the growing ideological farce of science believing in itself when it still knows very little will result in history proclaiming figures of note of today to be as popular a King Kanut and the butt of jokes to come. Flat earthists still exist and the arrogance of piecing together random knowledge and formulating a hypothesis as QED is folly of the first order. There are brilliant yet unknown scientists that are conducting advanced experiments (for our time line that is) and then those scientists who ponder on the commercial exploiting what little they really do know over the ignorance of many, yet in reality they are at a level where they themselves are not sure which end to place the tablet or the suppository. However in the bigger picture where free thought and unlimited perception exists it means nothing except for the struggling enthusiasts clambering as they do for eternal knowledge which is available only at a higher level and thus will forever elude them.  The nullification and neutralisation of the soul is more and more in evidence as the "quacks" and "new age" weirdos spring up and capture those who are lost, bewildered, foolhardy and aimless, who seek meaning and purpose yet predominantly all will die with that self same thought at the end of their days. It's a gloomy outlook for many, but for some it's as it should be where the springtime of life is yet to enter into them and elevate who they are to a level of consciousness that for many is only what they have read in a book and will never physically experience.

Fanaticism is on the increase, this is in direct response to how life is and that where there is no hope nor purpose those who have lost every ounce of humanity seek going for their goal as the only option available. Where companies are without humanity too both within and without, radical changes will take place as will the way people see others and countries will either isolate themselves to their detriment and feed off of their fear whilst others co-join and grow but not at the expense of homogeneous melding. The entities in the world look for "harmony" but not of the peaceful kind, but one where if all is the same then it's easier to control, nothing more. Control is the key element today, yet in that process unrest will be fuelled and disharmony will be the fall out that will wreck havoc and cause dismay and civil unrest and an overall decrease in "happiness" which will have dire consequences.Natural world events will be on the increase and these will tax heavily the recipient countries but those third world countries which can't even cope now and never will, such is their future. This will lead to disproportionate funding and selective granting of aid as Western domestic markets will struggle themselves leaving less and less for those who live in poverty, corruption and where their God never ever helps them nor will there ever be help. The world will yet fragment but on a more compliant system on "needs must" rather than mutual co-operation and where companies will have to re-introduce a service and not a greed defined front end front, of which American companies lead the way in negative divisiveness by often deceitful means of add on target wealth and value for themselves leaving more frustrated customers and clients.

The self help market, the tablets to calm our nerves, the increase in disruption by various groups of people, self abuse, fragmentation, there isn't one stable Islamic country on planet earth, it doesn't just happen without purpose. It's man being ignorant, arrogant and short term minded, the lack of real statesmen and company leaders who are not in it purely for themselves doesn't exist, we have come of age, a threshold and turning point that will see drastic changes, slowly at first and almost unnoticeable until one day it hits home with a sobering reality, like a terrorist plot out of the blue. For many it's all beyond belief, but it was only a matter of tens of years ago mobile phones with TV capability was science fiction to the unbelievers whose mental agility is sadly below zero and still resides there. It was also only a little before that that mechanical toys were an amazing product and it's all now consigned to history.

People need to believe in people, if this belief is gone then they are gone also, they need to feel loved and wanted and purposeful for without those feelings there isn't a plot worthy of following and furthermore mental health starts to break down, which has disastrous consequences. Like it or not believing in God (real belief) is for many their saving grace as it helps them through what man himself can't. For Darwinians everything is a mistake so they are the result of evolution, a glorified mistake or event, so no losses when they die and revert back to the cosmic dust from whence they emanated. For many reasons this year 2012 is "the" year that all the mystical religious and even scriptural texts have pointed to as the change, it's definitely and truly now the "Year of Aquarius", time will tell. But what is firmly on the agenda is that changes like we have never experienced will be happening and then it will be a very salutary experience looking at yourself in the mirror and defining who you really are. Maybe not tomorrow morning, but like the first grey hair you spot in the mirror, the rest follow with increasing veracity.

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