Monday, 6 February 2012


Every day we need some degree of focus in our lives otherwise we end up doing very little that assists us, just playing for time and not getting to grips with what we could do. In the same vein we need balance too for without balance we veer off into a tangent that's at times steeped in bias and we can then get bogged down and come to a stand still. Every day we have to take on its merit, some days we are full of inspiration and get up and go, others we just seem to be treading water even though there is perhaps lots to do or be getting on with. Life is like that, it's not plain sailing, and steering our ship means we have to accommodate and navigate what is ahead of us, from a calm sea a storm can brew in minutes and we need to be mindful of it. We also need to be mindful that our inner self wants to do something and we just don't have that motivation to do it, at least at a certain time, writers have "writers block" where they just can't think the story line anymore, but it comes and goes and all is well again. Getting upset or remorseful isn't an answer which needs to be entertained because if we dwell on these events we can severely damage our intent by thwarting our inner self to bounce back quicker than it could do.

Every action we make has a reflex action, sometimes it's barely recognisable other times it can have profound repercussions not only on the self but on others and situations around us. That's not to say that we should never make such actions that have wide ranging repercussions because progress is primarily held back by the 'stick in the muds' and those that can't stand change, so we need to state our case and go for it, if we can't do that for ourselves no one else can. We are not by and large responsible for others actions nor others getting upset or in today's parlance "offended", which seems all too easy. And that not everything we do is going to please everybody nor be conducive to their circumstances and that change may have to be effected, but then so be it, it's just others looking after themselves or the selfish making a noise which they always do every day they don't get their way.  Life is a series of options some have to be taken into account and a decision made others are optional and just give us a latitude in what is available for us. Whatever there is available there are consequences even if some seem of little or no value, but what is of no value to one person could be of great importance to another for their own reasons, keeping an open mind helps one along on their way in life without encompassing needless unrest from others.

Balance is a prime factor in everything, we know only too well that eating our favourite foods to excess causes us to get fat, drinking too much gives us a hangover, lounging around chilling out stops us getting essential exercise and we become sluggish both physically and mentally, and so on. Balance keeps things fresh in excess we get fed up after a while if not indeed go off whatever it was, so a healthy balance in our work and social life promotes a degree of alertness that's essential to us living a good and happier life. When life gets us down our ability to see clearly and correctly comes under pressure which does us no good at all we need a good and balanced view in order to see the pros and cons of each aspect of our thoughts and a degree of polarity so that we know why we are making the decisions we are. Without polarity we become aimless and that has negative aspects in itself which we ultimately will suffer from. Regardless of how something grabs you, whether it sounds fine or it's discordant, don't let your emotions step in before you've had chance to think about it otherwise on the spot reactions can turn out to be remorseful and one can easily say the wrong thing.

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