Tuesday, 14 February 2012


We all follow something in life or someone whether it's the news or sports or fashion or a singer or whatever it is, it could be even the local gardening club newsletter, we still have pre-programmed thoughts that steer us in that direction over and above all else. Within our lives are a whole multitude of options and avenues that are open to us every day, we often don't realise the choices that we have as subliminally we take them all in our stride and prioritise them in relation to whatever it is we have to do. It's not rocket science and it's by no means a feat of dexterity even if some people tend to be a bit forgetful or dippy. Very little of what we see today is totally genuine, it's all had that stardust / spangled effect to hopefully give it gravitas and solidity even if it's a load of old rubbish. Granted things have to sound attractive and it's only right and proper that if we pay our good hard earned money for something we want it to be better than we could make or get at home or have a purpose that makes us feel good too. We also know that in the fashion industry many garments are made overseas for a few dollars and sold for thousands because the "brand name" sells the product over and above the real value of it even if the product is well made and of high quality. The news we hear daily is so hyped and milked that the bog standard terms are all "sensationalised" to try and make it more appetising in the dearth of competitors selling the same garbage with "twists" by their resident or brought in experts, which literally has a shelf life of minutes rather than something which is profound and grounding.

To some extent we become amused, to some extent we take some notice by what we see and hear but as quickly as we take notice it changes so we almost give up as most of the topics are way beyond our ability to change or do anything about. Looking after ourselves and families we can enact change and very substantially and with real love and sincerity something that media companies have had medically removed as it blocks their free flow of diatribe. Truth in the media is also a word that stops creativity, so why use it. How we see life through all the cloudy detritus is how we are as a person and it's how we will feel within ourselves too. Whether we are upbeat or downbeat will be our take on it all, coupled of course with how our lives are being lived. If we have substantial issues then of course no matter what is out there it will all pale into insignificance. If we go on holiday without seeing the news we arrive back without actually missing it, although there are today those that can't go to the bathroom without their smart phone or ipad or whatever their devise is in case they miss something like when they return the earth will have ended. Everything has a consequence especially getting emotionally wrapped up in a scenario that has little to offer but updates on issues that you have no control over. When the "old gits" those in finance lead organisations and aged whores in the media who perpetually lock on to world key figures and group board members, such is their relationship with them (fodder for their trade) as if they are irreplaceable will come to an end, all those including world leaders are dispensable, if every group board of every bank and president / prime minister died today every organisation and country would continue, and perhaps in a better mode as there are always those to fill in such places, always, always, always, always. In fact there are probably those awaiting the death of those in charge to go for those identical places as we speak. All good news.

Who and what we follow does have a bearing upon our perceptions regardless of what we think or not, so it's important that we keep an even opinion based upon truth and reality and not veer off into some strange world of concocted mystery. There are increasing cases of young people and some not so young completely hooked into cyber worlds where game playing has almost taken over their lives, their trade mark being pasty faces and anaemic looks which dampens down their own free thought. It eradicates their ability to communicate on a face to face basis being hidden behind a screen looking like a screwed up garbage bag. Even the language of today is sloven and hinders those who can't or don't know the difference between making a coherent conversation without repeating words like, 'man' or 'like' as if to punctuate it further still. Also our own ego and arrogance can quell what good points we have to an extent that whatever it is we have to offer no one wants it.

We need to follow our heart firstly and foremostly, we then can follow whatever it is we like or deem is pertinent to our lives thereafter. It's one thing to get worked up about your favourite football team or designer, it's another to become obsessive which some people do. Of course in life there are always followers and leaders, but when it comes to one's own life one should always lead as you are the expert in what you know about yourself, no on else does even if they know you well. The moment you give up any kind of leadership / decision about yourself fragmentation starts and bit by bit the gap between being happy and feeling out on a limb starts to take place until it's all too late. In making decisions for yourself you make mistakes, nobody on planet earth has not made a mistake including all the well known leaders, so it's no detriment to yourself if you do, just pick up the pieces and keep walking like everyone else. At least when you are ahead of your game leading all be it at times in a fog it allows you to put into place "you" and not a version of you that someone else has made up.

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