Tuesday, 7 February 2012


We have ideas about life and what we would like to do or be, we may even have our own companies and be proficient at having done so for 20 years or more, or even perhaps just started. Whatever it is we do what we have to do is what is expedient for the time and place, we can't afford the luxury of just sitting back and admiring the view and endlessly contemplating what is before us and how it matches our chosen ideals. Life has variable paths and often we have to go through a series of failures in order to find what it is that works and what it is that we can do proficiently and professionally as opposed to just "having a go" and in the process mess up other people's lives and plans, which happens. Those that do mess up others plans tend to have repercussions somewhere down the line if a degree of reconciliation is not entertained, as one would have then otherwise accumulated 'baggage' en-route even if we brushed that aside in our mind. Nothing in life goes unchecked or left to rest without a degree of understanding put towards it, just because others don't know doesn't mean it doesn't exist nor have a merit and an energy that still lies their untapped.

The future is what it is, we can plan all we like but we have to be eternally ready for what may happen and opportunities that may arise sometimes astoundingly so, life can play good cards and it's not all gloom and doom ahead, in fact if that is how one views life then the chances are that is what you will attract. Whilst we are individuals we are also part of the bigger picture and many smaller pictures at that. We live in a world, live in a town or city, live in a smaller community, and then we have an extended family, personal family and close friends or acquaintances. We have a work environment and we can possibly have a work community that extends overseas too if we travel, sports or recreational friends, etc, so our montage in life can be very colourful and depict many sides of our character and show various attributes and hues and shapes. It's sometimes interesting to note that all these pictures depicting ourselves in various aspects of life and our situations are not always linked other than via ourselves. It's more than likely that many people know us only for that side of us they see and nothing more so they have a view about us which many not be incorrect but is possibly incomplete. A prime example are bigamists who lead totally separate lives and many do it successfully for many many years, as do con men and other unscrupulous people. They can all be the most loving to their respective families yet ruthless, dishonest and corrupt within the rest of their lives and the businesses they do.

Life is not linear, it starts out that way for most people then life takes over and plays its part, a myriad of factors come into play such as health, wealth, people, situations, opportunities, the self, conditions, circumstances and so it goes on. The key to all of this is how we deal with it all, there is no other route nor situation that can effectively process life other than via our own attitude towards it. We can make or break ourselves via a good or bad attitude. We live in our minds, nowhere else, the past is there, the present is being written and lived there and the future is awaiting to happen there, how we join all of that together makes us whom we are, it gives us life, reality and we then mix it with love (or not), compassion, understanding, knowledge, feelings - emotions, process it all, in a quick flash, and then that's our attitude coming into play. We are both judged on our attitude and responses to whom we are are often based upon same, and if there is any degree of doubt or unease then we have disadvantaged ourselves before we have had time to present our credentials. This happens many times a day by everyone to every other person and those dreaded "gatekeepers" in life too. We pick up negative vibes from friends and relatives very quickly even without them often saying or doing anything, we are sensitive to change and at times minuscule changes at that.

Accepting change and not developing an arrogant or ignorant King Kanut attitude makes a real difference to our journey ahead, as often the "letting go" process is not only cathartic it's healing and gives a spacial quality to life and a freer thought process. "Letting go" actually helps good and better things enter life often with surprising promise and excitement as it contains nothing of the past that's being held on to and what really doesn't exist. The mental anchors that we can have hold us back purely from the fear aspect and fear is what evil religions breed into their congregations and the unenlightened feed on through ignorance. Whatever you believe or think this journey you are on - life - is a once only event, respect yourself and others, add the love walk to it and be strong, with that behind you all manner of possibilities exist and if you did but look are awaiting for you. The special offers and free goods that the stores have on offer won't come to you, you have to interact to receive them, even if on-line, life is no different. Make the journey worthwhile.

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