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Life is evolutionary regardless of where or how it starts and whilst patterns and shapes and time have functions  our knowledge can only be based upon what we know, for extrapolations can't ever take into account what we don't know. Unless we are arrogant like many a modern day scientist making his mark, futuristic elements are beyond the sheer guesswork of our own thought process. Even every day living has degrees of probability built in to it based upon statistical evidence of whom we are, yet within all of that are at times massive trajectories that just whisk us away from what was thought of to areas not even contemplated. At times most people go through a bottle neck in their lives almost akin to the waist of an hour glass, where everything is taking its time to pass through, it's this time that our mind and thoughts take a leap into the "hyper" thought range and it can if we are not careful play tricks on us sometimes causing needles self upset and consternation. It's one thing to have an open and creative mind it's another to allow it take a walk on the "wild side" unsupervised as it can take us into places we wish we hadn't allowed it to, so much for really free thought, it can destabilise us.

Light is what the universe consists of all differing spectrum's, just because we physically cannot see all the light as such does not mean that it is not there or others or instruments find that light equally as "illuminating" for them to work proficiently and correctly. We have an expression "seeing the light" or "light at the end of the tunnel" or "a glimmer of hope" the light is what we both see and feel as it provides warmth for most of the planet sometimes in over abundant quantities but there again a lack of it has similar opposite effects. Our minds consist of very advanced areas of thought communication, often it's nothing to do with intelligence nor learning it's inherent and it's used by individuals as a "norm" knowing nothing other than what they have always possessed, yet at times coveted by others or questioned by science who still resort to people reading shapes on cards and trying to replicate it like monkeys in a laboratory.

The transference of mind thought is not something of science fiction unless you make it so, it's even written in the bible as are manifestations, whether you believe such or not is a matter of personal choice, but to come up with modern day versions and reasoning is dull and boring and tends to smack of personal inner conflict rather than just what it is. We all have a degree of personal intuition, some remarkably so and incredibly accurate too, not the TV clairvoyance stuff but real deep and searching information that otherwise no one would have otherwise been able to know, especially from strangers. We also have that inner feeling of right from wrong, we all have despite the fact that many ignore it to their detriment or peril, but those inner feelings that can steer our thoughts as to embarking on a certain project or direction or whatever. We talk about our "gut feelings" and yes we do have them and yes they are predominantly correct. It's only when we allow our negative emotions - greed, ego, arrogance, hatred, jealousy, to intercede that we lose it and it all goes belly up. Furthermore if we start to intellectualise with these deep emotions or feelings or "mind talk" as we do at times we lose everything in an instant and what we once thought of as a good idea or the way forward recedes into a nothingness that leaves us bereft of direction and even an empty lone feeling in its place.

For everyone who is seeking "that directional impetus" in life, it's there for you, but trying hard and fabricating ideas and hypothesising internally instantly thwarts those intuitive ideas and thoughts that are swimming around seeking to vent themselves into our subliminal thought patterns. It's not that we shouldn't or can't have free flow of thoughts as to future possibilities but once we start to contrive ideas we lose then the road and conduit to that of our higher self, and even our deeper ideas then get stifled by at times pathetic and useless trivia that we log on to from already made constructs of others motives, just to see if we can go one step further. Believing in yourself and allowing a degree of calm even with the excitement of potential within us enhances going forward and brings benefits that overcome the negativity of obstacles, gatekeepers, those staid and dull and 'fuddy duddy' narrow thinkers around us and opens up a stargate to what lies beyond and how to get there. There's more to you than meets the eye, but do you know that too?????

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