Tuesday 31 January 2012


It's 2012 the real Year of Aquarius, not the coming of Aquarius as sung years ago in the "sunshine days" of hippy environments and the like. The pyramids in Egypt and South America, Mayan religions and similar mystical and religious cultures - all of whom have died out - foretold that this year is the year for massive change. Whether we understand all of this past knowledge or believe in just today the world is by its own volition going through an enormous metamorphosis, way beyond global warming which is affecting the surface and how we live within it. The world as we know it as a whole is changing, the increase in floods, droughts, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, seasons, water levels, erosion, emotional greed, avariciousness, the self, religions being put to task - and failing,  etc is way beyond what has been experienced of resent past and is likely to increase in the foreseeable future too, at times with enormous devastation. The world is even running out of oil and at the same time the instability of nuclear fuel is being questioned as a viable alternative in sources of secondary fuels such as electricity, our vital every day commodity.

The advancement of science is coming on leaps and bounds, yet there is always that "illusive" thought, what was there before the "big bang" and despite conjecture, hypothesis, guess work, extrapolation and anything else, scientifically it still can't be proven and science knows only too well that with certain criteria, laws and constructs lose their status as other effects take over and have properties of astounding delivery and effect once certain barriers are broken. The schools of thought are as wide today as they ever have been with regards creation. There are the Darwinians, the God believers and a group who are now somewhere in-between seeing the enormity of life and that the universe is more that a smart photo-shop creation made up and displayed on a lab PC with 3D graphics and original space sounds thrown in to bring a degree of authenticity and smug understanding.

If one believes in God as the creator then before the birth of the Universe there was God, "I am". And then God said "Let their be light" and there was light, and we are the sons and daughters of that light. Light being an energy form as we are made up of a solid energy form not quite as developed as one which is pure higher evolved energy but an intermediary. Degrees of evolution can still exist within light/matter as indeed we see things evolving at a rate of knots today especially in the fields of electronics and medical science. At this point most religions (Not God) have been left behind in the past, wallowing in stagnation and fear as they haven't a clue as to what is to pass other than what they define themselves which is always narrow and evil. Evolution and creativity isn't something religions understand, nor do they understand what love is anymore, and love is the fundamental aspect of humanity, for without it the human is no better than a robot and has no purpose or emotions, which is evident in the Middle Eastern cultures fighting for material self and at any cost. Love is not a word that can be  levied on to the area and those within it. Replace love with fear and that is tantamount to a feeling of concern for self preservation nothing more. No way does their God help them in anyway what so ever, whatever has happened has been through their own volition and intervention.

The differentiation between light as an energy and the human form is purely our inability to transcend the difference, such is our vast ignorance of the concept of utilising what's out there and incorporating it into our thinking and being. Sometimes the arrogance of science and it's great and impressive headway promotes in some circles an almost dunce like attitude based purely on personal mind thought and not that of the bigger picture. There are areas where light is the beginning and the end and science is the bit in the middle, although it's not always the light we think of generally or come to understand. If we believe in God then this concept is easy to understand, if we believe in Darwinian theories and other such draconian diatribe then we are literally facing obstacles that will never be accomplished for generations to come and plod on amazing ourselves at what was already outlined but ignored. Fortunately in the quagmire of science there are those few who not only embrace the bigger picture but see transitions as a natural development even though our limited abilities in entering the logistics of same are far from such a position. At  times science fiction writers are more closer to the ultimate truth than those who are directing their own science pathway and see little in the way of creativity.

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