Monday 23 January 2012


There are some values in life which just can't be changed, if they were life would not be as it is and it would come to pass that mayhem would ensue and life would be intolerable. Regardless of whom we are and where we are there are "core values" it's those that adhere to such that have a better life than those which blindly battle through regardless and end up a mess. What seemingly some have as a material existence is not what they experience deep down nor will finish up with at the end of their days. Our views from far are just that and we should never be self judgemental as to why others have what they have and some have little or virtually nothing. There's nothing more satisfying and warming than the love and camaraderie of friends and significant others that really makes life worth living and keeps our minds and focus truly in an alignment that sees well above the superficiality and hollowness of the media, companies and the down right selfish. Our "core values" love, trust, compassion, humility, generosity of the soul, humanity understanding etc, is what grounds those who will be more stable throughout the whole of their existence regardless of what happens around them. For some to reach or attain this state takes a whole lot of being let down, upset, personal selfishness, greed, ego, arrogance and to almost fall flat on their face to see where it has landed them. And for some it won't make any difference, they will continue as long as they can accumulating what they can to fuel their self created inner thoughts and illusions of what the future holds, even if some of it appears to come true.

Evolution is a process that depending upon how and where and when we look at it can take on many different mantles. If we are talking archaeologically or scientifically then we can in a flash encompass millions of years in the opening sentence, if we are talking from a medical point of view we can talk in the 10's of years as to how things were discovered and equipment and drugs developed to cure or rectify what only years earlier was deemed as impossible for the time. So it really does make a difference as to what we are seeking as to how we look and what we do with the answers received. Our life where changing values are concerned has evolved, it hasn't changed the premise as to how we think and feel other than what we have created around us in a social environmental way and has produceds constructs within  both us and our global stance that has destabilised people. The situation where face to face meetings for both business and pleasure have waned somewhat and it has left a new and younger breed of people who lack personable skills and abilities to communicate from outside of their defence bunker their smart phone / PC / lap top / tablet or anything else they use. Without this at the ready life becomes slightly stressful and unsure. Also for those new breed of recluses of which the numbers are forever increasing their camaraderie is not of loneliness of the mind as they can share with other like minded people round the globe and that opens up a new and creative dimension that previously wasn't there. But it makes them almost by default and design lonely, dull, monosyllabic, awkward, dowdy, lacking in taste, ignorant of life in general, and the older they get the more it ingrains itself into their mind sets and that has serious repercussions.

We may not know too much of what's out there or the physical name of what we seek such as love (which is difficult for many to actually say and too easy for others), but we certainly know when there is a lack or a deficiency of it. And like medical science if we lack certain vitamins and minerals we can very easily come down with a whole range of ailments directly related to same, similarly if we lack love and human contact even if we are 'loners' by nature it has real adverse effects upon how we think, feel, live, enjoy life, the feel good factor (yes it exists), as well as smiling, enjoying and sharing with others, being open to strangers and not always being wary and defencive, not worrying unduly, not being bogged down by the evilness of some repressive religions, not being fearful of the future or life, plus many many more. The list is what you want to make it but these feelings are very real for a lack in the values around us and of others. If we meet people who have few values and are gruff and lack manners we immediately become wary, even with foreigners who have emanated from a different life structure, culture and traditions that are archaic and not often always well meaning, but we give them the benefit of the doubt to see where common possibilities lie and a degree of mutual harmony exists.

There is a degree of inbuilt etiquette in all of our lives and if we find it missing in others we immediately re-evaluate who they are and our degree of interaction with them. That is are they friends, perhaps not any more, do we work with them, if so I have to I'll keep it pleasant and to a minimum, and so on. Values do change they have to but like food and clothes they remain for without them we just don't survive, and survival is a degree of humanitarian protocols that live at a multi levels and in differing ways, all of which totals how we live and move within society. When governments and the law lose their footing that is one of the biggest negativity stances that can possibly be made and which not only destabilises the populous but cause those of the "cusp" of society to rebel as it's just too much to bear. It tales a small pin to burst a big balloon and likewise the smallest of inconsiderate action and aloofness can cause the "tipping point" to just do that which many who live within their own cloud are oblivious of. There's nothing like the gross arrogance of believing you understand life and the situations within it when you haven't a clue as to what you are literally thinking and saying. To be in tune with life you have to walk it and literally talk it not some PR version that sounds smart, smart PR and Press talk is passe and no one believes it anymore. YOUR VALUES  (click here).

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