Sunday 22 January 2012


One of the biggest let downs in life today is that of the creeping state of the self, a state where everything is almost brought down to a level of "what's in it for me", and once this starts the rot sets in. It's not new there have always been selfish and self centred people around most of whom think they are generous but then their generosity is within their own mind - nowhere else. Even companies today are becoming mean and hide behind an assortment of ploys such as "unbundling" and " al la carte" or "build your own" or "you choose" which in many cases means in reality you pay more. What you get for your base price is really nothing more that the basic goods and almost no 'good will' either. Plus once when you bought something especially an airline ticket that's what was it - inclusive, today there are on many of the cheaper tickets just before you check in a list of additional charges many of which you are forced to take in order to get a seat or enjoy the product. Value has been withdrawn and greed has overcome the norm as well as miss management too, it goes hand in hand. Governments are lax as are trading regulations to stop this abject greed and almost deceptive ideology that is flaunted via marketing and empty explanations of the deceitful themselves.

The human being is basically generous by nature, although one might not think so today but they are, their whole survival has been looking out for each other and building up a camaraderie in times of trouble and upheaval. The West is particularly generous when it comes to giving especially for charities and aid for less unfortunate people and countries, and the amount of help and support organisations that are voluntary are just amazing stepping in where government ineptitude is in evidence and giving support and help to those who would otherwise be left bereft of any help at all. The word "value" is very prominent in our inner make up, not just the "value" we get from goods or services, which as  outlined is getting less and less to the point where the product and service loses its kudos and respect. But a "value" that we place on our lives and those around us, it's more than an expectation for we know who we can and can't rely upon even those in our own family. If we are religious we know what to expect from those of the same faith, there's a big gap between walking the walk and talking the talk, this is where just about all fall down badly expecting God to help them yet individuals won't help anyone else which is a pre-requisite for your conduit to God to be met, hence nothing ever happens.

Our societies are becoming more polarised in that the good and helpful and generous are drawn automatically together as they feel that inner warmth of humanity, those that share none or very little of those values are segregated and thus feel they are always missing out and then that "illusive - happiness factor" becomes an external entity as opposed to a natural feeling within. The more segregated one becomes the deeper the loneliness factor takes a hold then mild depression creeps in and before long there are areas of society that have jaundiced views about everything around them and what's happening, yet it has all been manifested from within, life is the same for everyone, it's how we interpret it that makes a difference. Life holds no favourites nor takes prisoners, it's us that has to steer our ship, but if we ignore the lighthouses those solid bastions of light that show us where the rocks lie - because society the goodness of which has built them to protect man from peril, then what can one expect. What goes around does comes around even if it takes time, but it invariably does, selfishness is one of the biggest causes of relationship breakdown too. (I want, I need, I have to, I'm going to, you can't, it's not fair, you don't understand, how can you, I don't, I'm not, I won't, why should I), and so it goes the check list of no compromise and of course where's love in all this - no where to be seen, the self taking over everything.

Everything we do has an action, equally everything we don't do has an action too, so to enjoy the best of what life and those around us have to offer, regardless of whatever that might be we need to interact with them. We have to show that our hearts are in the right place otherwise there's no reciprocation as why would anyone want a selfish person in their midst, they are but a negative entity. People often equate giving to a financial value, but in reality there are those that have little to give financially but have some of the warmest hearts on planet earth and will go out of their way to help in any way possible. It's these people that give life what it needs to understand what stability and humanity are and how often we miss these traits when intermingling with everyday people who either dare not be themselves or worse don't even know the difference looking and acting like zombies with a cold heart and a narrow mind.

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