Saturday 7 January 2012


Almost every day in my Email in box there is a plethora of people who are almost bending over backwards to take my hard earned cash and in the process make me even richer. Yes, they believe that with their skills and knowledge they can in an instant (running over many months) get you from where you are now to be in the top 10 league just by utilising their services. It's amazing what goodness there is out there, people wishing to impart their knowledge, and from a personal position of wealth and success too, they've obviously made it big to make such big claims and now want you to join them in the super wealthy bracket also and share the spoils of what it's like to be in the higher echelons of life. Not only do I get bombarded with emails from sources unknown but on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Xing and other such platforms the world is swimming with experts who are desperate to get you into the big time if you would only part with your money - and rightfully so - hey people have to live, unfortunately there's no guarantee and no money back either if by chance it just doesn't come off. What also seems to be of current vogue are others plastering pseudo positive messages saying, "smart pictures", "wise words" and so on, I've even done it myself when I've seen something that I think has a good meaning over and above cheap, crass and mundane. But what does it say of such people who continually do it, does it mean they have lots of time on their hands, that they have little self originality, that they are possibly so benevolent towards readers that they feel its an obligation, that other people are personally so good that the knowledge they seem to have gleaned should be more wide spread, or is it some form of entertainment and something to do at the same time, or maybe just to feel wanted or of use themselves?

There's no doubt about it that to use a social platform can be a good thing, it's primarily used by small time people, it's rare that any "big time" people use it other than celebrities and presenters to voice or solicit opinions, but the general throng of people aren't in those industries nor leagues either. American companies are the tops when it comes to greed, they will stoop at nothing to try and solicit your last penny at whatever cost, it usually starts with "It's Free" (like a spam download that's free too) but then to make it work just at the end up pops that little screen with "PAY NOW", but we are all wiser to that anyway. Then of course there's always the "LITE" version a version which hardly works at all in fact it's so lite that it's likely to float away as its contents are almost invisible, to spell your name you have to take the subscription right away. This is all past marketing this is the grovelling in the pits of brown stuff, and it tends to capture the market of people who are forever seeking something for nothing, and the sellers are quite prepared to lie and deceive you in the process because they know that you are just like them greedy. And speaking of something for nothing many "network" meetings and socials are almost always full of those who are perpetually seeking to "sell their product / services" and are rarely on the buying end, trying to ferret out free content and information at all costs, whilst in the process of doing so overlook the fact that they look desperate and sound needy rather than laid back and successful and knowledgeable and positive and respectful and trustworthy, very few ever put out that aura. Many network meetings are the same dull sad small minded faces peddling the same dull product and meeting the same dull contacts reminiscing and agreeing on the state of the market, and at times lying too to make one sound positive and doing well, but it really does become a bore.

There are out there genuinely good people who have a really good service who can make a difference, please contact me if you are one of them, the rest are those who just do what they do because they can do it and hopefully make a living out of it too. My 'spam' selector on my email box is well honed, and most of the physical mail goes straight into the recycle bin, and it's becoming more rare to meet people despite the fact there are more out there who are really what it says on the label. Many company receptions have people who go because they are freebies and just attend for a social reason as well as the canapes and free drink too. It's all a presence and a facade and it's a shame because under all of this lies a wealth of information that can be shared at a price for one or more parties to take mutual advantage over and in the process elevate their own standing both professionally and financially, which will have the effect too of raising the bar that bit further each time it happens. There are endless books on "Making It Rich" in one fell swoop and "I Was Down And Out And Now Worth $12bn" and so it goes on. Well it worked for them and it's all probably a good read but it's not that good that it's swept the world by storm and that there are strings nae rows of multi-millionaires queueing up, it doesn't exist. You are the master of your world, your life, your thoughts, your deeds, in fact you are the beginning and end of your life. Make what's in between work, it can and it will, but be down to earth and don't be mean, it won't pay off.

Webinars or Social conference calls that are springing up right left and centre again all boasting that what they have to say or that a person of note is on there and that if you tune in - at a cost obviously - then you too will be informed and energised and more knowledgeable than before even though you've had to re-schedule your day and lost sales because of it. Or maybe you are part of the daytime lost and bewildered, another strategy of "couch potato" that's seeking something worthwhile that will never ever come their way because they are too pathetic to make a real effort. Does anyone work at all, is it why the economy is failing because people are so busy blogging, networking, listening to others, watching others, etc, that they have stopped doing whatever it is themselves. Is it only those that work from home that can participate anyway everyone who has a small shop or works or service etc, can't afford the time to listen to what may be interesting yet has no bearing upon what they do or how best to improve it, which is usually the case. Is this new "business advice" a drug that's upon us leaching into the fabric of business promising what sounds good but offers nothing except to those that run it, or a day / afternoon out for those that work in large companies as it makes a break for them.

You are the best to decide what to do, even if you don't know what to do. That feeling of not knowing is not to fear as many feel the very same thing and it's natural. We are not experts in every field of our work whether it's accounting, advertising, sales, manufacturing, etc, we are good at one or two things and the rest we either need help with or advice with so we can concentrate on what we do best, that's the bit that makes it all come alive. Don't sell yourself short seeking utopia or great advancement and wasting times on or in areas that are way beyond you. And whilst information at all levels is good, most of the time it just stays put and still can't be acted upon and others have to be brought in to do the deed or whatever it is they have to do. We can drive our car, when it breaks down we go to a garage or call the motor services, knowing that the bearings have gone or that the whatever is broken doesn't make a seconds difference, we still can't fix it ourselves. Be more proud of what you have, by all means learn new stuff but stand firm make what you've got work, the rest will all fall into place. And if you do need specific information, you know you need it, so target those areas not just fall into the catchment area of endless seminars touting their wares. You are better than a pawn in a game, you are king pin, keep it that way.

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