Thursday 12 January 2012


We all know about consciousness and we know about unconsciousness, it's not something we need a degree in to understand, we may be a bit fuzzy as to how to explain it but we can certainly tell the difference between one state and another. The bit in between is where it all happens, it's why we think and feel the way we do over and above emotions and the inner feelings of our nervous system. It's the part where we understand life, ourselves, who we are and why we are here outside of the physical biological process. For many they venture no further than a general pondering on the subject and leave it at that. For others there is a great significance as to the deeper meaning of both themselves and the universe which both still hold many views often quite contradictory too. There are dimensions to the brain / the mind that are inherent in the human form that can't be found anywhere else, even if some animals come close to it, the rest of their brain lacks understanding. Two main areas are love and spirituality, that inner and invisible presence that characterises who we are and what we do and how we do it and why at times when there is a lack of it we literally "go off the rails" and why there is a multi-million dollar business built upon it. Why we crave love why we need to understand and why we need to be able to both reciprocate those feelings in many ways to both significant people and others who we don't even know or probably speak their language.

The power of the mind is quite incredible although very few use its full capabilities today, our mere thoughts can be transcribed into deeds and if one believes in God as the creator then examples of this are numerous. The expression "where the mind goes the body follows" is true and why some people psyche themselves up to do things whereas others breeze through without seemingly any great effort. How we view life is basically how it will be towards us, our thought process in looking at life - the bigger picture - makes such a difference as to our 'happiness factor'  again a thought process within. Yet one we can firmly control unless we 'outsource it' and place conditions in between being happy and defined criteria to make us happy. It's possible to have degrees of "enlightenment" without vast knowledge, in fact it's often the case that mind control and such things as telepathy / clairvoyance are way beyond the learned and scientific community because they have to analyse the thoughts they are hoping to receive and because of that it will never ever work. When an "understanding" comes to mind it's that instant, to ponder what words or associations or feelings mean negates their origination and thus cuts off anything that could or might have taken place. Understanding is so instant that weird or peculiar thoughts are those which mean something outside of the mind, but within leave it struggling to make sense.

Our entire universe is made up of matter in one form or name or another. Having gleaned so much over the past few years as our ability to create new detection systems and "advanced" electronic devices to measure what we previously couldn't see or hear. We still find that we plateau out as there are further mountains ahead that prove yet even more challenging such as the Higgs Boson particle or the so called God element, the bit that supposedly makes us believe in God. Many scientists don't believe in God by principle as He can't be proven, but as no one can yet "know" what happened before the "big bang" it's everyone to what they want to believe. Our concept of life and how its portrayed by the media does make a difference to those sedentary folks who absorb by default concepts and theories and strategies devised by others believing them to be accurate, whereas accuracy of such statements is only as accurate as the time line of their knowledge and in the grand order of things could mean something totally different, as has been the case so often in the past.

Our stability structure and those that deal with it are forever learning something new about physics, chemistry, science, the universe, God, and how it all interacts with human consciousness and our ability to take it on board. More people today than ever before in all strata's of life are losing the plot, they are losing the very fundamental aspects of what we are about as people and they are overcome with desperation, loneliness of the self, fear, paranoia, vivid mind talk, lack of wholesome love, tendencies to do silly and sometimes dangerous things which they can't account for, lost in a world of their own making which causes massive internal unrest and for which few can really help. Our consciousness and our environment at large are all linked with and by energy, it's that energy that drives us forward or backwards, we have to steer that pathway through the diatribe of man made detritus and seek those happier, more stable and spiritual pathways that give real hope and substance that external accountability can never ever do. There is an answer and there is a solution, never let that thought detach itself from you.

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