Monday, 9 January 2012


Social volatility has become almost of epidemic proportions, the Middle East is a prime example where anything goes in the quest for shifting one ideology for another, little changing in the process unfortunately (lying in Islamic countries is part of the culture). Where freedom of expression means out come the numbskull's throwing stones, burning cars, setting fire to effigies of politicians and burning flags,  tearing down structures, burning buildings, arms waving, eyes bulging out of their sockets. In fact it's almost an industry (Palestine and Pakistan top the league as a way of life) as the populous seem to disengage their brains at the expense of allowing emotions to run riot making little headway. Seemingly preferring to go the old route and wonder why things never change when they are the biggest part of the problem themselves. And if Islam is part of any equation then unrest is par for the course as is instability and unhappiness, but when you have a self destructive nature - what the hell.  In its own way it's not that much different in other parts of the world too, especially in the West where current weak governments tend to manage rather than lead and pamper to commerce instead of standing up to it despite the politically strong rhetoric that is spewed out which ends up as tomorrows garbage and nothing more.

There will always be a sliding scale of the population that range from the intellectuals to those that can't and won't understand, it has always been so and will continue to be so too. However, what is emerging is a new strain of people somewhere in the middle who are fed up of being too far down the life line chain and are similarly fed up of those at the top rattling out of their posteriors contrived and engineered PR of even more rhetoric that like blasts of stagnant putrid air bursts forth then immediately dissipates into the ether and very little gets ever done that means anything useful at all. And what politicians think has been progress is viewed totally differently by the majority of people who have no social constraints nor ties with those that they are trying to change, nor anything that is corrupt which a number one issue today.

Politics has always been a bit distasteful but it is a business today where bribes and personal greed are first and foremost in the minds of many. Historically the Middle East and Africa and the Indian sub continent can be seen as such havens for corruption and it's become more a way of life than what it really is endlessly greasing palms. However America is rife with daily scandals of all types and Europe is not that far behind and like everything else the quality of anything that's good that proliferates starts at the top, and when the top is like over ripe fruit there is little that can be carried down the line that instills hope, correctness, honest and just law (just law hardly exists with today's pathetic decisions by judges) and ownership of life, responsibility, and honesty itself. The press and the media churn out negativity as if it's a drug they dare not come off, negativity sells, it corrupts, it belittles, it places people into a negative mode and makes them more dependent upon what and how they are fed. Negativity is only absorbed by those that wish it to be, subliminally however many absorb it and admonish their own thoughts and personal responsibilities for those of others believing that the 'so called others' know better, but in reality they haven't a clue either as what is said one day changes dramatically another. Once you allow fluid conjecture to be a part of your daily intake of diatribe then you have literally 'had it', placing focus on to areas that you have no control over eliminates all the possibilities and opportunities that are available to you at your own level.

Riots against unjust and greed are becoming more prevalent, governments are still in a "time warp" of yesterday and endlessly rely on over run grossly expensive and out of touch reports that show no more conclusions that what the eye can see originally without committee discussions about what every one knew all along. Our own electronic age can hone meticulously upon "like minded souls" who are no longer isolated by their feelings and who can warm together to share genuine common causes. The side effects of not listening and not doing what is right but what looks politically expedient is tantamount to suicide, and the adverse effects are that the tipping point spills out into the fanatics and those who will ride the band waggon for their own cause and not what it is purported to be. The result of this "tipping point" is that mayhem ensues and after that mild anarchy because there is so much ill reporting and press sensationalism of it everyone reads what is happening as inevitable and it thus become a "norm" feeling.  The further effects of such "norm" feelings opens a gateway for personal unrest and that the "happiness factor" of the nation thus plunges and then a whole raft of other feelings towards life not being good and great starts to surface, those which otherwise would not have done so if the cause was dealt with and not brushed over with PR. Of course, your life is still in your hands so decide now what it's to be , good and self driven or bad and play "follow my leader" because leaders come and go and hold no allegiance to you.

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