Tuesday 24 January 2012


If we believed everything we read in the media including those that post endless updates on Twitter and Facebook and the like we would all end up as some kind of neurotic monster. Even those that give out information such as medical bodies and organisations do so from a self grandiose perspective in as much as it's almost always conflicting information, if not right away a week or so later someone somewhere publishes the exact opposite and with benefits, so who does one believe? Or possibly do most of us just "store" the information for future use absorbing it like we would the current wallpaper design. There have been industries created on the back of sheer media stories and mono-mined PR and marketing with regards green issues. Where companies and definitely governments are spending inordinate amounts of money sending incompetent people to all parts of the world to define and bring into line nations within their own ideology of what "green" is supposed to be all about. In fact the "green" issue is fodder for anyone regardless of whether for or against. The general consensus of opinion is basically a common thought of yes, we need to be cleaner and greener but how remains another issue and the quality of those expounding their own virtues is questionable to say the least. But then most "international" bodies lack mettle and seem to attract "whet" people who are "committee orientated" and have very little of anything else on their own.

Everything has a bias, even ourselves, we believe for whatever reason what we believe and that view or those views are not automatically shared by others. The biggest example of disruptive, selfish, religious stupidity and self ideological thought are those in the Middle East where squabbling will remain until the earth comes to an end, it's almost inherent and as long as it's linked to Islam there will never ever be peace let alone equality and freedom, it just doesn't exist. But closer to home where creativity in the sciences, technology, arts, freedom of speech in our writing, travel and movement is par for the course we will endeavour to make our own lives worthy of some merit. With freedom comes a whole plethora of possibilities from the very grounded and wholesome to the unscrupulous and deceitful, although this latter axiom exists world wide. We have a media that today has little regard for humanity unless it serves a purpose, such as a disaster, or shooting, something they can go to town on and try and link every other eventuality to it and cause grave concern over and above what the action or deed is about. Where creative writing is almost on a par with Walt Disney and the global bankers deceitfulness even though the press try to befriend the public, it's just being a wolf in sheep's clothing. Deep down it's all for the self and game for anything.

We have researchers in the media who are forever on a course to find an "angle" that's more confrontational and outrageous than the programme content, infact the content is almost overwhelmed and insignificant, so used to turning everything into a "spectacle or a free for all weird show" that respect for researchers is almost on a per with a terrorist or some other life reject. Quality is at an all time low, where it's grab attention and in the small print or pop up there's the "BUY NOW" sign to lure at least some into the web of emptiness and cold comfort. Nothing is ever what it seems and the people that run such programmes usually get accustomed to living in a world where nothing matters anymore and often wonder why for them life isn't what it should be. Everything today is a scandal, an expose, a shock, horror, a sensation, undercover, betrayal, hurt, let down, impropriety, as if those that write or film it were whiter than white, unfortunately their permanent tarnish leaves them in a place akin to where drug users frequent to get even higher kicks to make everything just feel right but not much more, aliens and parasites of their own creation.

Whatever happened to caring, goodness, love, hope, security, trust, honour, peace, happiness, smiling, inner security, helping others, kindness, laughter, joy, achievement, upliftment, encouragement, camaraderie, friendship, being chummy and matey with others, having real friends not acquaintances, not being taken advantage of, accepting others as they are, having a purpose, being law abiding, not being greedy, there are few if any in the media that have any of these traits. Yet many people do have such traits, they may not be saints nor Angels but they do have a degree of humanity that they really love and feel within themselves and look upon those whore mongers peddling ill-begotten news as if there is another existence that they appear to be missing, and one which they definitely don't want to co-exist with, even though it's there. Of course there are a number of types of people who see life from what they feed themselves with, and therefore there will always be a differing of opinion. The real truth is that over 95% of what one ever reads has either little or no effect upon the individual, and what effect it may have is usually so far out of the control of the individual that it's really not that worthy of knowing.

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