Friday 13 January 2012


It almost seems that "getting upset" is the current vogue, and it's being taken to the extreme that people are pre-empting that others will get upset because of what someone else has said, might say, could say, possibly would say and so on. The audacity of such pathetic low life people to try and stultify free thought and conversation brings to light the total lack of candour that insignificant people have towards others. There's almost a self inflicted fear that the weak and seemingly 'self important' want to put forward a "stylised script" as if they are some authority and have a greater well being and meaning above everyone else, whereas they are quite the opposite and smack of sheer uselessness. We all know the politically correct are the lowest common denominators in society so they need to be ignored at all costs as they can't even sort their own lives out. The biggest problem with certain groups getting offended or upset is that in the main it's historical or cultural and bears little if no significance to what was said.  For some "getting upset" is almost par for the course at almost anything they don't like, and it's reflected in how un-progressive such people are, usually backward relying on others to create or do for them whilst they reside in a state of passive stupidity.

The main culprits for raising the bar on hysteria are of course the press and media, which milk it as far as they can based on whatever it takes to make a story, the "let's do it" approach. This is the fodder which unfortunately they like a drug have become accustomed to and see no solution to kicking the habit. There are those in society that are well balanced and open minded and see life for what it is, and then there are those who are narrow minded (often third world cultures) and offer nothing to society and predominantly selfishly build up a narrow mindedness and empty degrees of morality which are just that. Always judging, commenting on what has been said or done that has caused no harm other than what one emotionally accepts and generates within and then inwardly digests in an unhappy vein. The "hidden" glass walls and barriers that rancid outmoded cultures build up worshipping hollow Gods that never ever produce positive results outside of pure chance or whoever would have received the same who didn't believe. It's these elements that are the dearth of a modern society, the new "low life" cultures from strains of past throwbacks that really have no purpose and like amoeba are just there without any significance. Playing on rituals, playing on upsetting God (as if God can't look after Himself), getting offended because someone commented on something they didn't like.

Societies that move forward like the West survive because of free speech, without which we would end up like the cesspits of the Middle Eastern rulers that thrive only by force, ego, corruption and where their students have to leave to get a better education and life skills. Where every one is wrapped in swathes of diatribe and gossip and narrow minded bigotry, hurt, unrest, unhappiness, endless rules and regulations and a law and enforcement that is positively archaic, biased and prone to gross corruption and laziness. But closer to home we know people who see life via a tunnel, and anything that veers from their stilted views causes immediate unrest and provokes degrees of anger and vicious comment. It's these people that need ignoring, they are of no value for their own selfishness is repressive, dark, satanic, void of love and stymies not only their own but others pathways if allowed to do so. Those that get upset attract bad lives, those that brush off the comments regardless of merit seek to find happier days ahead and gain respect. Life is what you make it regardless of "respect", "dignity", and "pride" which all hold truisms yet are so close to an edge where calamity and downfall are always in view. Wisdom is sadly lacking in today's society, cheapness of statement is all too common hoping to attract positive attention and then possibly some financial remuneration to follow. Keeping your own council is by far one of the best ways forward and not allowing others to ride your band waggon for their own devices and kudos, which always ends up with something unsavoury happening and an un satisfactory ending.

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