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You either like the limelight or you don't, it's that simple, it's what floats your boat, whether it's essential for your job / standing in life or not it can have very positive benefits and very negative effects too. The Internet is a wash with people trying to get you noticed and there are endless agencies who for a fee will do likewise as well as publicise themselves. Although the chances are there the positive aspects of them are however still like a lottery and the majority of clients come and go like New Years day. Many people have a degree of notoriety in relation to their chosen field of work or charitable deeds, etc, the general public not knowing anything about them yet but most likely "those in the know" do know who you are and what you do. But to get on in life you really do have to get noticed even if it's within your own family or company, because if you don't shed a degree of greater significance then the default situation is that you are just who you are and have no other attributes than those you make known via your personality and general chit chat. Now there's nothing wrong with that at all, you are entitled to be who you wish, but if things don't move forward the chances are it's you who is the obstacle nothing more.

In today's cheap and fickle world of negative media and debased outpouring of events it's actually relatively easy to get noticed, it may take some tenacity but it can be done easily and almost at no cost. Just wait where there is some press like near the Prime Minister / President, celebrity, situation, etc, (to get full effect) and when someone appears dart naked as far as you can in front of them. You will be on the Breaking News, the next news bulletins, you will have an interview with most of the press and a picture taken, and some magazines, possibly be on Breakfast TV the following day stating why you did it (even if just for a joke) and possible on a celebrity cookery programme and quiz and from there on you need an agent to keep the momentum going. It may not suite your cause to go that route but modify what you want to do and make an impact, and have a back up plan because the "window of opportunity" will only be open for so long, so maximise the potential of it all. We don't need in our daily lives to be that drastic but if we have thoughts that are pertaining to a potentially strong deed then we need to enact them otherwise we will just go on in life with a let down feeling and talking to ourselves about what we would like to do but never ever make a move. Even the women "suffragettes" chained themselves to railings, and they got noticed. 

You can Twitter you can Facebook you can blog you can do what you want to get your message around, you can even attract 1000's of followers but that for most people is it. You can even have 100,000 Tweets or followers but where does it get you other than the thought that many like what you do or say. There are billions of people daily following others sometimes overtly mainly passively and it is today just a part of their information / entertainment and whether the originator is famous or living in a tent somewhere is of no consequence at all as there is neither kudos nor panache that gives them lift or elevation that makes the follower want to engross further. So it's more than just a numbers game if you want or need to be known outside of the closed and often narrow media channels that live on the Internet and mobile phones you have to be different as "being different" other than smart makes a world of difference a world that few ever get the chance to enter because they don't possess the zany aspects of what could bring what they do to life.

Humility is a dying attribute today yet it's one that holds the base aspects of honesty, understanding, truthfulness, trust and those elements that keep them stable, which many people are losing by the day, stability is a prised goal today as opposed to a natural part of life. Being thrown into a state of grandeur often ruins ones ability to continue on the course they were once very good at and now become less than mediocre as their mind shift has irreversibly shifted their thought process and as such they continue on kudos rather than merit. To have a following on your course is good if that's what you want, if you want a following because it makes you feel important or wanted or anything else then it's a sad indictment on the state of play in your own life. There are people who are searching out there for talent at all levels but such people will rarely find you if you never ever make a stance and show that what you do you have confidence in yourself, and there's a big difference between confidence and arrogance.  If you don't know what to do, do something, anything, but don't ever ever ever sit back and wonder or ponder that just allows time to pass on. Now you now, just go and do it, and remember one thing you do this for you not for anyone else in the universe, you will get negative comments and you will get negative feedback, but also remember the word "breakthrough" means just that, you've broken through. Do it.....   (These may help - click on the links)   BEING HONEST WITH YOURSELF and INSPIRING YOURSELF

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