Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Currently we live in a 3D society that is encapsulated in time, we rarely think in a time continuum latitude as we are finite souls that have to do what we have to do as soon as possible and that for many they never accomplish what they would ultimately seek to accomplish. The dichotomy of religious followings will ultimately lead to a real crossroads in life where the 'higher' believers leave those that are on a lower pathway to 'self destruct' to fulfil their created demise. All "religions" will be on a lower level as they are constructs of man, devised and devisedly interpreted by man, enacted by man and thus will die by man such is their own finite nature. Those that worship symbols and animals that are of this world will suffer the same fate as one cannot understand the complexity of ethereal matter via any form of  statutory idol no matter what it represents and what it purports to be. Whilst the "Adam Caedmon" is not as it should be only those that have as the centre of their hearts love in all its glory will survive and sadly that doesn't equate well towards spiritual leaders and despots of religious orders even if their will maybe at times of goodly thoughts. At the end of the day a real Armageddon exists for the self regardless of what happens to the world around.

The fourth dimension is time, something that was there before us and will be there after us, the fifth dimension is that light which is where we are to evolve to, that conduit to further our pathway and has no symbols nor edifices. has no fear based concepts and has a pathway of pure love and equality with the feminine of life, which this life doesn't hold, and religions definitely don't subscribe to. It will not be restricted to the narrow constructs of life nor the endless man made regulations of the self and those written into 'religious' orders that all such doctrines have and are over time enhanced and contribute to a veering off of the truth. Time has that ability to shift negatively as it does to pave the way forward to levels of consciousness that many only understand via science fiction and comics and thus live in ignorance of in this life. Most people don't understand God and the purpose of their lives, they know only what they have been taught and then hypothesise arrogantly on that hoping that all will be alright at the end of their days and often with that thought all else is dismissed. Just because one may get an overawe of feelings by the magnitude of those around believing the same thing doesn't hold any water. If millions have to die then they will, although it is their choice.

Time is changing our lives at the moment, as are areas of existence that for the major part most either don't realise or don't care or are too selfishly engrossed in themselves and their lot as to be bothered. To be honest it doesn't really matter if the latter route is taken as it displays their understanding of time to come and their lives within it, or more to the point the abrupt end of their lives at death where the physicality will be purely falling back to earth and no spiritual journey thereafter. We are in the age of materialism and it's not that material effects aren't good it's the power they have over us as opposed to the other way around. There are those who manifestly believe a doctrine of their own based upon what they know and what they think, but at the turn of this century life will be significantly different and it won't just be put under the banner of evolution even though in the bigger picture it is by default.

For many people at this moment in time things are happening to their lives, their minds / memory that seems to be somewhat different to what they have been used to. The acceleration of time and our existence in it is having real effects that we can both see and feel even if they are not always of great significance, they are noticeable. For those of a higher consciousness they will experience much to contemplate, for those that dwell on lower levels they will just trudge through life as if there are extra burdens and expect no more. These are exciting times indeed, ahead are events that will both please and play havoc two extremes that the world is now playing to. Society is in a metamorphosis of its own evolvement where little now stands still or it does so at it's own peril. Where both the physicality of humanity, the world at large and its spiritual over key are actively live and together will demonstrate to the unsuspected what happens when the self tries to rule at the expense of humanity and the absence of the love walk. This will be the time when people will pray to their God and in return nothing will happen, this time you'll know you are really alone. All false God and definitely all religions will be caught in the fire.

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