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Fun, happiness, joy, laughter, love, grace, humility, presence, future, worth while, friendship, humility, excitement, purpose, and so it goes on, all buzz words which help our lives go forward with a richness and a feeling of whom we are and everyone else around us. It helps put into place life as it is and not how it's spewed out and manufactured by the press and media to sell more copy, they can't help it, it's almost a drug habit they can't kick. But it's important that we get on and laugh and definitely NOT harbour negativity at ANY cost whatsoever. Negativity creates doubt and definitely stifles creativity at every level. It produces depression and is the start of so many self created illnesses. Negative thoughts place out of perspective life as it is so that we get caught up in a whirlwind of extraneous thoughts and feelings none of which do us any good nor produce positive results or outcome. Everything looms large and eventually just gets us down and then we revert back to the negative spiral again. But for those who are already saying to themselves "but it's easy to say but try doing it" or words to that effect, that's just where you are letting yourselves down and smugly allowing self manipulation by placing excuses (possibly as you always have done) ahead of yourself so as not to make any changes and feel somehow more worthy of joining others in the lake of negativity.

There's no doubt about it that being positive and fun makes a world of difference to ones life, regardless of any current situation or circumstances that one may be facing or going through. Negative people tend to feel that there is a worthiness and purpose to be negative and always harp on about negative states or the state of the country or world or finance and thus tend to listen to negative people more often and commune with them on a mutual pity level, which is not only pathetic but identifies them as people of low calibre and who plod through life as opposed to walking firmly. Like attracts like and therefore there is usually a dichotomy of people who have fun positive friends  or dull dismal friends who may or may not laugh but it's all so short lived.

With negative people there's always a caveat as to why they can't or shouldn't or won't or it's them (whoever them are) or they won't allow it (whoever they are too), and so it goes on, it's exasperating conversation and soon becomes so pedestrian that one wants to give up on them. In everything we do there must be an element of fun and satisfaction, there must be an onward purpose and a payback to life otherwise there just ends up a bottleneck of work which is a one way stream and that causes untold problems. Fun makes life go forward even for those who "fight for a cause" there is still an element of fun and fit for purpose otherwise the will to proceed will be forever daunting and at times depressing. A bright and clear mind always finds a way out, there's always potential, there's always hope and real hope not just a bystanders version of it nodding but do nothing, and furthermore those who are bright and fun always get by far more help from others, as they can see that light of potential and with gratitude within. Negative people have little of either and tend to hop from one trough to the next and then when one obstacle is over the next looms large and they reflect that, something others definitely don't want to be associated with it.

Fun people are those who wear fun on both the inside as well as the outside and aren't "two faced", so many people appear fun but it's just a mask that they act out to hide and overcome the facade that they adeptly wear as a guise. The guise only fools themselves even if others are initially taken in as they have to live within their skin, no one else can ever do that. Being "at one" with yourself allows greatness and goodness to permeate through ever poor so that there are no contrived responses or play acting events to try and uphold what isn't you. When everything is naturally fun and wholesome it just works, sometimes not the way one wanted it to, but it still works and often for the better.

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